Remedy Against The Ear Blowing Ghost.

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Paranormall solution

One day a person came into my worship place. He was facing a petty problem so I told him the remedy. After he had written the remedy in his diary, he asked me whether the Ghost really exist. He said that he did not believe. I answered him that who was asking him to believe in ghost but in the world many things are unknown to us. I told him that everybody faces different experience and might god bless that the unknown thing did not meet him.In short I would like to say that it does not matter whether you believe it or not, but in this big world everything exist and when you are trapped ,god knows, then you understand the value. Hello readers today we shall be discussing a case where the Ghosts roamed boldly everywhere in the house and did all the mischief they could do to frighten the owners. Before starting the case-study I pray god that you remain hale and hearty forever and may God always take you out from the problem.

Case study
It was Monday ,a year ago. One of my acquaintance knocked at my worship place. I called him in and I found Vivek was standing before me. I told him to sit down. Vivek is like our family friend and employed in computer section of University. Vivek is very good at heart and I have been in touch with him since 6 years. When Vivek sat before me, I asked him whether there was a problem or he had come just to meet me. Vivek told me that in-laws of her cousin sister were in great problem. He told me that they had spent nearly three to four lakhs but temporary relief they felt and not the permanent one. I told him to send them after two days. He said that he had called them that day only and they might be arriving. Due to near and dear relation with Vivek I did not say anything to Vivek. After 15 minutes somebody called the name of Vivek , so Vivek went outside. When Vivek came in, along with him four persons came into my worship place. One was Vivek’s cousin sister, other were her sister in law, husband of sister in law, and their 22 year old son. I advised Vivek to go out of worship place and should wait outside. I did so because everybody had its personal problem and was possible they might feel hesitation in telling their problem in the presence of Vivek.

When Vivek went out I asked them to tell me their problem. They told me that they had been facing problem in their house for 8 or 9 years. Husband and wife name was Shyam and Reena. Shyam told me that they could not sleep more than three or four hours at night. Whenever they would sleep, they felt that somebody was standing beside them and would feel something moving here and there in the room. Reena started weeping and said that they wanted to sell The Haunted House. I told them that what was the guarantee that paranormal thing would leave them after selling the house . I advised them to fight as no power was greater than the power of God.
Son of Shyam and Reena was also sitting in the worship place. When Shyam and Reena finished telling about their problem, their son spoke. He told me that nearly every day he would feel at night that something would stand beside him and would blew in his ear. It was not the game of one day but nearly every day he would feel the paranormal activities at his disposal.

So you have seen that everybody was disturbed by paranormal activities. Ram told me that his elder brother was involved in illegal activities. As soon as he told me about his elder brother, skull of human being flashed in my mind. When it flashed, I asked for his elder brother’s photo. Since the photo was in shyam’s mobile so I meditated over the photo. In my meditation I could see and feel black magic. I told them about the meditation. Shyam told me that in 2013 ,some black magic pooja was being done at the back of the house. He told me that it was done by a tantrik against the problem of being murdered by someone. Shyam told me that the pooja did not work and his brother was murdered by someone.

I told them that the tantrik Puja did a big negative impact over their house and brought ghostly impact over the members of the house. As the time went by, situation worsened and the hold as well as impact of ghostly activities gradually increased. Now the situation was such that water of problem had surpassed over their head and if not rectified would kill one or two members. So after analysing the situation it was the time of remedies.

First Remedy– Since it was a very big problem concerned with ghostly activities, I told them to buy a Lord Hanuman Ji stone statue, not less than 3 feet in height and the posture of Lord Hanuman Ji should be in blessing mode. I told them one thing that, the effect of paranormal activities was at maximum, therefore Lord Hanuman Ji statue should not be brought into the house in a simple way. If the idol was brought in a simple way it would crack due to ghostly effect as no divine power was inside the statue at that time. I told them to bring the Statue of Lord Hanuman outside their house, then wash the whole statue with holy water. Then the statue should be brought in the house.
Second Remedy– I told them to buy 1kg of Hanuman Ji vermilion and 300 grams of jasmine oil. They had to smear whole statue of Lord Hanuman with the paste of jasmine oil and vermilion . They had to do the process daily.
Third Remedy– I told them to buy a bell not less than 3 kg. They had to install the bell above or beside the Statue of Lord Hanuman at about 6 feet height. They had to ring the bell three times in a day and the bell should be rung 21 times in one slot.
Fourth Remedy– They had to draw Swastik by the paste of vermilion and Jasmine oil in every room.
Fifth Remedy -I told them to recite Hanuman Chalisa 100 times daily but for one month only. Then it should be recited 21 times daily forever.
They did what they were told. Within 5 days paranormal activities reduced to minimal. They slept soundly for the first time in past 8 years. They became a staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman after that. All their problem vanished and they were very happy under the shade of God’s grace.
Bye bye, I love you, goodbye.