Remedy Against The Transference Of Negative Energy.

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Hi, dear readers I love you. Thank you for giving me time. Today I shall be discussing a case with you where transference of negative energy took place and caused great disturbance in a household. It is human nature to ignore the problem first time but I have seen one thing that if the problem is ignored, can cause much mental as well as physical problem .So let us go on the case study.

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Yes I remember that day was Friday. I was busy in my meditation. I felt someone came inside and sat at the corner of room. I opened my eyes and saw Parth ( changed name) was sitting at the corner of the room. I knew Parth. He was a very good person, advocate by profession and true lover of God. I asked Parth, reason of his coming. He told me that all his family had gone to Lucknow and he was alone living at home. I asked him the reason as to why his family had gone. He told me that his sister had met with an accident and since nobody was at her home to take care of her. So his mother, his wife along with two children had gone to Lucknow.


I could see some fear on parth face, so I asked parth indirectly about any other problem. As I asked this question, he came on the point straight away. He told me that yesterday at night when he was sleeping. At about 2 A.M , his eyes opened wide and he would feel something moving behind his bed. First of all he thought that there might be some cat and he closed his eyes again . Again the movement happened, so parth got up and switched on the rooms light.


He found that there was no one in the room but he felt that the strange type of silence had covered the whole house. I told you that parth was true lover of God so he started chanting Mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. As he chanted the mantra, he found that the strangeness dissolved with in ten minutes and could feel that something went out of the main door. Then the atmosphere of room had become normal and feeling of fearfulness disappeared from the whole house.
After listening all this from Parth, I asked him to sit in front of me. When Parth sat before me, I meditated over parth. In a moment red eyes flashed in front of my eyes. I understood that some negative energy had entered parth house, last night. I thought that how a negative energy in Parth house could enter as I had given many positive things concerned with Lord Hanuman to keep in his house.
Parth told me that the whole drama ended in 10 minutes but the feeling was disastrous. I told Parth that no negative energy could enter itself unless or until someone had brought with him or her. At once he told me that last night, he had come from her sister’s house living in Lucknow.I understood that something fishy was in her sister’s house ,then it was the time to remedy for parth.



1) I told Parth to Sprinkle holy water at night in whole house before going to bed.

2) I told Parth to lit a lamp of mustard oil in the middle room. Mustard oil should be in such a quantity that lamp does not get extinguished before 4:30 morning.

3) I asked parth to keep a jug full of water beside his bed but made him clear that the mouth of jug should not be closed or covered.

4) Last thing I told him to recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ five times before going to bed at night.


Parth did as I told him. The negative energy easily broke his bond from Parth and was never felt by him. One thing I told Parth that whenever he comes from his sister’s house living at Lucknow, he should visit a temple before entering his house. I told him that this basic should be applied by all members of the house.
I love you , bye bye.

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