Remedy Against The Bloody Stool.

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Today we shall be discussing a case where the person was bedridden and was in great problem. I want to convey one message to all my readers that what I write is my own experience. The experiences are the result of meditation. I am writing in a blog so as to help you that if you get any problem or find anybody in great problem, you can suggest the remedy. All the remedies which I write are the result of meditation only. So before starting the case study I wish you good luck and may God always keep you Hale and hearty.

2 years before, I was sitting at my worship place. I was busy in reciting Hanuman Chalisa with closed eyes. I heard somebody coming into my worship place and then I felt that they sat in front of me. Since I was at Midway of Hanuman Chalisa so I took about 2 minutes more to complete my Hanuman Chalisa. After completing Hanuman Chalisa, I opened my eyes. I found Jagdish sitting in front of me and with him an adult of about 25 years age was also sitting. First of all I would like to introduce Jagdish (changed name) with you. Jagdish had a great problem which was rectified by me due to Lord Hanuman Ji grace. So after this Jagdish started believing and trusting me and my remedies.

Jagdish introduced me with other fellow who had come with him. He was nephew of jagdish. When Jagdish introduced Vimal ( nephew of Jagdish) to me, vimal folded his hands in respect for me. After 5 minutes of random talks, I asked Jagdish his motive of coming into my worship place. Jagdish told me that husband of her sister was in serious condition. Let us assume the name of sister’s husband as pramod. Jagdish told me that pramod was the electrician in railway department and he was 64 years of age. He told me that pramod problem started after he completed 55 years of age. So 10 years before he felt very weak and when he consulted the doctor, doctor wrote a test. In that test deficiency of haemoglobin came out, so doctor wrote him the required medicine.
Vimal took the medicine regularly but his stomach got upset on taking the medicine. So doctor wrote another test where some problem in liver was detected. So pramod started taking medicine of liver also ,but in these 10 years he never became fit. Then Jagdish told me that after retirement pramod felt suddenly so much weakness that he got bedridden and then he would suffer from continuous blood in stool. According to Jagdish, the present situation was miserable. Pramod was in such a state that he would not go anywhere to attend nature’s call or in other words all the ablutions he had to do on the bed. Pramod energy was so much low that he could not talk but took the help of gestures for his basic needs.

I understood the situation and asked for the photo of pramod . When I saw the Pramod’s photo on the mobile of Jagdish, I could feel some cloves inside the stomach of pramod. I asked Jagdish about the whereabouts of Pramod because I wanted to know from Jagdish any enmity he noticed against pramod. He told me that pramod had once told him about some inimical problems with his cousins who wanted to Grab his land. I told him not to bother but from that day I made it clear that not to take anything from them. One thing I tell you my readers, cloves which are administered by Black magic never dissolve in the stomach of a person whom they are given. So Jagdish asked me about the remedy.

First remedy – I told him to take a medium sized earthen pot. Put into it one kg of honey. Now close the opening of pot by a red cloth. I asked Jagdish to rotate the pot around the Pramod’s head 21 times and then put the pitcher in any river but the condition was that the pitcher should flow along the river. This had to done daily for 11 days.
Second remedy – I asked him to put a jug of water below or beside the Pramod’s bed at night and then to throw the water outside the house in morning. This process had to be done for a month. One thing I would like to say that do not close the mouth of the jug.
Third remedy – Take a piece of camphor, put 11 cloves over the piece of camphor. Burn the camphor and rotate it around Pramod’s head 11 Times. Then put the burning camphor along with cloves at your worship place. This process had to be done for one month continuously at night.
Jagdish asked me about the medicine which pramod was taking. I told him that it did not matter, pramod could continue with the medicine. So after 5 days they reported me the condition of Vimal. They told me that stool had become normal, no blood was coming out with it. Pramod also started speaking as before he would take the help of gestures to convey his needs to others. Pramod was better. I gave him a Mantra ‘om Shri hanumate Namah’ to recite for half an hour with closed eyes in morning as well as at night before going to bed.
Thank you, bye bye, I love you.