Remedy Against The Fatal Voice.

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Today I am talking about my friend Suresh ( changed name). Suresh is not my school or university friend but we met at the common place. One of my acquaintance had introduced Suresh to me. He was or rather he is very soft natured person and he always stands beside everybody problem. So my and Suresh friendship completed 3 years as I remember. I am inclined to God so much, suresh is also inclined to God as well. About 2 years before, suresh had asked me to make an amulet for him. I made an amulet for him and asked him to wear in his neck and never to get away from the amulet from his body. He followed my advice and I also told him to recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ 51 times daily. After that I never asked whether he did the Puja or not.
One day his phone came to me, it was about a year ago. He said that his accident took place at night a day before. I asked him about his condition. He requested me to come at his residence. I told Suresh that it was my duty to attend the problem of my friend. So at about 2 p.m I reached his residence. When I entered his room, he was sitting on his bed with his back resting against the wall and both legs fully streched over the bed. I could see clear bruises over his face and his right elbow as well as both knees were bandaged.

I took the chair and sat beside the bed of Suresh. Suresh tried to smile as that was the usual custom when two friends meet each other. But I could see clearly that the pain overtook his smile. I asked him, how the accident took place. What he told me was really alarming. I forgot to mention one thing that it was the time of august and rainy season was in full mood to show its etiquettes.
Suresh told me that when he was coming on his scooter towards his residence, rain started. He did not take heed of rain and continued his ride over the scooter. After 5 minutes of rain, he came on the bridge. Suresh told me that as soon as had come mid -way of Bridge, somebody warned him in very horse voice that he would be killed that day by HIM. Suresh told me that the voice was so much hoarse and stony that his hair stood with fear. He turned his head towards his back but did not find anyone, only the trucks were moving on the bridge in full speed.

Since he was the staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman, he started reciting Hanuman Chalisa in his mind. When he reached at the end of bridge, scooter slipped over the muddy portion as it had become slippery by water. When he fell from scooter, he tumbled towards the roadside where the trucks were moving in great speed. According to Suresh when he tumbled over the muddy portion, some divine energy made him stood within a second and the truck passed just beside him, crushing his eye glasses which had fallen due to tumbleness.

It was clear that Suresh escaped from unnatural death which was woven by some ghost or in other words some powerful negative energy was after Suresh . When Suresh told me the story, I could see fear in his eyes and also I could feel some trembling inside my body or in another words my body had become tremulous. We sat quiet for five minutes after the narration. Then suresh asked me what should he had done in that position or situation. I Understood the problem as it was concerned with the paranormal world. So I suggested him a remedy and it is for me also as well as for my readers also, If you are Trapped In the clutches of some ghost – – – -.

First of all whenever you hear this type of my voice, please decrease your speed as slow as possible either you are on your foot, on two wheeler or in four wheeler. Recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ if you remember. If you do not remember ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ go on the mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. Recite this mantra for at least five minutes and then stop for 2 seconds then move at a normal speed. Continue this remedy for 20 minutes at least and when you reach at home, burn some paper and circumambulate the burning paper 21times .After you have done the process, throw the burning paper outside your house. When you have done the process of burning paper, recite the mantra for 51 times again.

From there I took leave of Suresh after sitting beside him for 2 hours. I was coming to the same way as Suresh had come. It was sunny at that time. When I reached the Midway of river bridge, I could see the blurred sketch which is generally made by the police around the body. I stopped my bike and asked one of the persons who were standing there near the sketch. They told me that a day before at evening somebody was murdered at point blank range. I Understood the case , started reciting Hanuman Chalisa and got away slowly from the river bridge towards my residence.
Thank you, bye bye, I love you.