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Hello readers today we shall we dealing with a case study which happened about hundred years ago. The remedy of this case study was done about a century before. This case was told by my grandfather when I was 12 years old. I would sleep with my grandfather and he would daily tell me the stories. One day at night he told me that he was going to tell me a real story. When I heard this, I kept my right leg over my grandfather’s stomach and put my head over his right bicep as I was lying on right side of my beloved grandfather.

              CASE STUDY

My grandpa told me that in his childhood he would live at farrukhabad near Kanpur in India. He was about 15 years old when the incident happened. At that time, according to him the population was too less, so land was more and houses were less. One day my grandpa was told by his father that there had been a marriage in a village which was 25 km from farrukhabad. My grandpa had become excited as he was a boy then, and thought that he would do great fun in marriage. So grandpa asked his father that when they were leaving for marriage. His father told him that he would come after 2 days ,so my grandpa would go with the servant lakkha.

In those days marriages were not celebrated as today. Today nobody has time as well as one wants that the relatives or friends should go as earliest as possible. My grandpa told me that in those days the marriage function would take 15 days at minimum and the relatives or friends would enjoy for 15 days or 20 days living at the expense of marriage party.
My grandpa asked his father that when they had to leave for the village to join marriage function. Father told him that next morning he had to go with Lakkha, the servant. My grandpa became too happy and run for his mother to tell the great news.

So next morning my grandpa started his journey with Lakkha on the horse. Those days horses or carts were available for journey as motorcycle, scooters or car were not present.
After listening all this, I became more clinged to my grandpa. So grandpa with Lakkha started their journey at 7:00 a.m next day. I also remember that grandpa had told me that it was the starting of February and the cold one could feel in morning and at night. Village was about 25 km from Farrukhabad, so journey on horse would be taking at least 5 hours.

After 3 hours, lakkha and Grandpa decided to stop near a well. Since grandpa was feeling hungry, so Lakkha opened a bag in which some chapati with onions and some pickle were packed. Both of them ate the chapati and drank water from the well. When their stomach went heavy, they decided to take a nap under a neem tree. Lakkha and grandfather slept. My grandpa told me that his eyes opened with the hearing of some strange sound. He was a boy of 15 years old so he did not gather so much courage to know the cause that from where the strange sound was coming. But the sound persisted.

When the sound continued for 15 minutes, my grandpa gathered courage and then he lifted his neck to know the cause. To his horror, he felt that some Lava was flowing through his body from head to toe. My grandpa rubbed his eyes and pinched himself twice as to confirm what he was seeing was true. He saw Dozen of men and women whose Heights were less than 1 feet. He was seeing all this with one fourth eyes open. Short men and women were collecting some specific plants and we’re putting those plants inside a small satchel tied around their waist.

Suddenly my grandfather felt that something was standing nearby. He at once closed his eyes and again opened his eyes in minimal. What he saw was that, two short ones were inspecting him and Lakkha, the servant. He also saw that they were bringing some type of grass near their nostrils. My grandpa was bold. He at once opened his eyes full and sat. When they saw him sitting, they ran away from him and started emitting mysterious voices. Due to these voices other small men and women became cautious and they all surrounded my grandpa.

My grandpa first of all became nervous but an idea came into his mind. Some morsels of Chapati had been left after they had throat full lunch. So he offered those morsels to them. One of the small men came forward and took a bite of that morsel offered by my grandpa. After that, the small one said something in strange language. Their face expression changed and to my grandpa it appeared that they became calm. Small man gave a small green ball to my grandpa and they all went into the well one by one and disappeared.
When they had gone, my grandpa gathered his courage and went beside the well and peeped into the well. There was no trace of them but green ball was in the hands of my grandpa. When he turned to go towards his servant Lakkha, something hit the hand and the ball collided with small stone and then fell into the well. Grandpa ran and could see clearly the ball going into the well and it disappeared into water. He turned and started going towards Lakkha, suddenly he saw something glittering beside well. When he saw the glittering thing carefully he was surprised to see that the small stone had turned into a golden stone.
However he told whole story to Lakkha and started towards their destination.

When we talk of remedy in this case, it is simple that be calm and cool against the situation. Do not become angry but try to help them, If you find yourself in such awkward situation.

When mother and father of grandpa heard about the incident, mother of my grandpa embraced him to her heart and two or three tears came out as showing gratitude towards God that HE saved Diamond of her heart. Father of grandpa Shuffled his hair with love and one could see the love brimming in his heart.
Thank you, I love you.Bye,Bye.