Remedy Against The Frequent Accidents Taking Place At Once.

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Hi, how are you dear readers. Today we shall be Consulting about a phase in person life where he or she feels that accident either petty or major have become part of their life for some months. According to my experience, I have felt that maximum number of persons passes through this phase and some time when person does not take proper precaution, pays heavily for his or her negligence. So I request you to read the post carefully because if you are the victim, this post would be extremely beneficial to you and also if you are not the victim then you can help somebody whom you see passing through that phase. Let us go on the case study.

This case came to me about one and a half years ago. One day when I was sitting in my worship place, somebody knocked at the door. I asked about the identity of the person who was knocking. Somebody from outside spoke his name as Raju. I recognised the name because Raju had been in constant touch with me for three or four years. Due to grace of Lord Hanuman, problem of Raju was solved by me many times so he had also become the staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman and my faithful one.

I called Raju inside. Raju came along with his wife Anjali. I asked them to sit. Both of them folded their hands to photos of gods and Goddesses and as well as to me in respect. I waited for them to sit comfortably. When they sat comfortably, I asked about their problem. They told me that due to Lord Hanuman, they had peace in life but within 15 days some different things were happening. I asked about the different type of events which they were facing. Raju and Anjali saw each other face with a smile then Raju took the commanding seat to tell me their problem.

Raju told me that 15 days before, he had gone to general merchant shop. According to him, you could enter the general merchant shop after crossing at least ten upstairs. He told me that he bought the required articles and with the packet of articles he put a step on the stairs of shop so as to go down stairs. As soon as he put his foot on the stair, one of the foot got slipped and he landed down in a position as he was going down on a garden slider. When he landed on the ground he felt too much pain as he sat with a slight thud on the ground. Raju told me, he thought that he had suffered with major injury. He got up slowly and in the meantime two or three persons came running for him to help. After he got up,he walked slowly and he found by the grace of God that he was ok.
After telling the first instance he went on telling the second instance. He said two days before he was going on his bike. Suddenly at Xing he saw two young boys coming uncontrollably on bike with great speed towards him. He turned his bike at once and both the boys passed him by an inch and crashed over a standing car. Impact due to speed was so great that the boys were injured badly and the mob took them to nearby hospital. Anjali was listening to Raju with great impatience because many times I had seen Anjali moving in her place restlessly as she wanted to tell me something when Raju was telling me his story.

As soon as Raju finished, anjali started speaking after pressing the hand of Raju to stop. She told me that renovation of a house in which they lived was taking place those days. She was coming down stairs and only three stairs were left to reach ground-floor, she did not know what happened and she found herself hitting her back on the floor and all type of colourful stars went around her head. When she managed to sit, she found that the labourers had mixed cement, water and sand on the half portion of third stair. She wanted to curse them badly but first she thought about the major injury on her back. Due to God’s grace nothing went wrong so much and only the impact went into her bones. Human bone breaks when the force exerted on it is stronger than the force it can bear . At slow speed the impact spreads across the skin and skull causing no injury other than perhaps some minor bruising.
So when I heard the sequence of accidental events, I understood that it was the major problem of planet Rahu. I have seen many times that Rahu plays an important role in accidental events. So now it was the time of remedy as the cause had become known to me.

First remedy – I told them to visit the Bhairo Baba temple on Wednesday and Sunday. I told them to circumambulate 8 times bhairo Baba temple.
Second remedy – I told them to read Batuk Bhairav Chalisa 5 times daily. If you do not get the book download batuk Bhairav Chalisa from the internet.
Third remedy – I gave them a Mantra ‘om Shri batukaya Namah’ I told them to recite the mantra for 15 minutes daily with closed Eyes.
Note – If you do not find the temple of Bhairo Baba then do the second and third remedy only.

They understood and wrote the remedy in their diary. I told them to drive the vehicle as slow as possible till 4-5 weeks in the remedial process. After a month they felt that things were going smooth but I told them to do remedy for 3 months more. Thank you, bye bye, I love you.