Remedy Against Inauspicious House.

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What is an inauspicious house? According to my experience that house is inauspicious where no auspicious event take place. It is that house where no worship of God is done. It is that house where the owners income become meagre and and all opportunities are closed. It is that house where the children never understand the feelings of father and mother. So these are some characteristics which are present in an inauspicious house. Here I am not correlating inauspicious with paranormal events. But before starting the case study I wish that you always remain under the shade of God’s grace.

Case study
Yes, I remember it was Saturday when husband-wife came to meet me at my worship place . Husband came into my worship place and wife waited outside the worship place. Husband name was shankar. Shankar folded his hands in respect and sat before me. When he sat before me I asked about his problem. Shankar told me that he was a car mechanic. He told me that he was in great problem as the income had reduced to minimal, only the survival was possible. I was noting that he was unable to express his every problem. However I understood his problem in a nutshell and told him to bring the dust of his house. I made it clear that he had to swept the dust of house on that day, the day they had to meet me.

I have written many things about the dust of the house. Dust of the house is a very important factor as far as concerned to me because details about everything either good or bad can be deduced from it . Now you must be thinking that how the dust conveys the problem. Yes dear it conveys the problem when meditation is done over the dust. In my later posts I will tell you how to do the meditation on dust and how to extract conclusion from the meditated dust. So I advised Shankar to come on next saturday with the dust of the house. One thing I would like to say that it does not matter whether you own house or you are in rent.
So next Saturday, a lady of 38 to 40 years old with a boy of 16 years came to meet me. She gave me the introduction as Shankar’s wife. She kept the dust of the house before me. She also told me that Shankar was the owner of a big garage when she got the married with Shankar. They bought a 3 room house and started living there after two years of their marriage. According to her, after that , downfall of Shankar started. Shankar’s garage was shutdown and he became a mere mechanic checking and rectifying car on road.

She again told me that their health got deteriorated gradually and they were fighting with many disease. She also complained that her two sons, one was 16 years old and younger was 12 years old, never listened to parents. Both the sons were very weak in studies and would involve themselves in one or other mischief . After listening all this, I meditated over the dust. From the dust I could feel a very desperate smell out of it. My experience said that the house was in sleepy state as the smell was somewhat of dampness. There was no sign of Paranormal problem. Now it was the time of remedy. One thing I would like to comment that when the house is in such a condition then worship of God should be done at maximum in the house.

First remedy– I told them to wipe whole house by putting few drops of holy water in the bucket of water everyday. You can also spray the holy water, if the floor of the house is not concrete or in other words it is muddy.
Second remedy – Three times in a day i.e. morning, afternoon and night they had to burn camphor by putting two cloves over it in their worship place.
Third remedy – Bell should be rung in the whole house for at least 5 minutes in continuity. It should be done in afternoon evening and at night.
Fourth Remedy – They had to recite Hanuman Chalisa 51 Times. Family members could divide the task among them according to their convenience.
Fifth remedy – On puranmashi (full moon day) they had to distribute 5 litres of milk among the children outside their house. I mean to say that milk should be given to those children who don’t belong to the their house.

They started the remedy and were in contact with me continuously. After 2 and half months, they felt some positiveness in the house. After 6 months, they felt that expenses on medicine were getting low and in short we can say that it took one and half years to rectify the whole situation. I told them to follow the whole remedy for more one and half years
Thank you, I love you, bye bye.