Remedy Against The Problem Of Miscarriage Again And Again.

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Dear friends today we shall we discussing in our case study where a lady was fed up with the problem of miscarriage. Dear readers, this blog is only dedicated to everyone and everydays problem. I discuss with you all the remedies applicable in a particular case. It is advisable for you to go carefully on every post and understand the concept of remedy. Before going over the case study I would like to say that I have dealt many cases of miscarriage. In maximum cases paranormal effect were present. But today, what I am discussing with you is not The Paranormal case.

Case study
This case came to me 11 months before. It was the starting of March and I was busy doing Pooja in my worship place. My daughter Sita came running to me with mobile phone in her hand. I asked her in gesture whose phone it was. She put the mobile in my hand, shrugged her shoulders off and ran out from my worship place. I understood that Sita might be busy in some or other play. However I took mobile beside my ear and said”hello”. I heard voice of my old acquaintance ,vinod was on the line.

Vinod said that he was sending some relative of him. He told me that they were facing some problem so they wanted to meet me. I told Vinod to send them next Tuesday. So after talking to Vinod I kept my mobile phone beside and again concentrated in my puja.
On Tuesday at about 7 p.m, four persons came to meet me. Three ladies and a gent came inside my worship place. Gent who came was around 60 years old gave me the introduction of vinod to me. I remembered Vinod’s call and told them to sit down. His name was Ravi. Ravi introduced me with other members sitting before me. One was Ravi’s wife who was approximately 55 years old, along with them Ravi’s daughter and daughter’s sister-in-law had come. Name of Ravi’s daughter was Pari, who was around 26 years old and her make up showed that she was married.

Ravi wife name was meera. Ravi asked Meera to tell the problem and he went outside as some important call had come on his mobile. Meera looked at her daughter Pari and told me that problem was concerned with pari. Since Pari was feeling awkward in telling me the problem, meera started telling problem to me. She said that Pari’s marriage took place three years before. Her husband and in laws family were very good and caring.
Meera told me that Pari had no issue. She told me that three miscarriage took place in past 2 years. She told me that after three or four months of pregnancy miscarriage takes place. It was not the new case for me but I take every case as important as the previous same case. Since every case is concerned with human life so we cannot take the case so lightly and otherwise . I asked Pari whether she saw any dream at the time of miscarriage. I asked this question because I had seen in many cases that due to paranormal effect , bad dream would come and miscarriage took place. She replied in negative, so possibility of ghost or demon crashed there only.

Now it was the time of meditation. I asked Pari to sit in front of me. I meditated over her. I found a planet proving fatal for her womb. I opened my eyes and told them that one planet was creating problem. When they asked me about the planet, I told them that Mars was creating problem. It was clear that there was no hand of Paranormal Activity and it was crystal clear that planet Mars was creating whole fuss. Now everything was clear and so it was the time of remedy.

First Remedy– Burn 5 clay lamps of Desi Ghee or clarified butter on Tuesday before Lord Hanuman. If Lord Hanuman statue is not available then we make a sketch of Lord Hanuman over white paper. Put the sketch in your worship place and then do the remedy.
Second Remedy – Take a reel of white colour. Smear the reel or Bobbin in Lord Hanuman Ji vermilion . Now tie the thread around the belly. If some how the thread gets broken then burn the thread and tie new thread around the belly.
Third Remedy – Daily after taking bath, put Lord Hanuman Ji vermilion in the navel and also at night before going to bed.
Note– As far as concerned for Lord Hanuman Ji vermilion , you can make it yourself. In a small bowl, put 15 pinches of vermilion and convert it into a paste by adding 10 to 15 drops of jasmine oil. Put the paste before Lord Hanuman statue or sketch. Dip your ring finger in the paste and apply vermilion at the centre of forehead of Lord Hanuman. Do it daily in morning after taking bath for 5 days. Now you can do second and third remedy by that paste of vermilion.
Pari understood the remedy and started doing the remedy. She did all the remedies carefully and when her 9 months completed , she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.
Bye bye, I love you, thank you.