Remedy Against Discord And Rumpus In A Family.

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Hello readers today we shall take a case study of a family where everything was going wrong. No Acord among the members, anger was the friend of everybody’s mind. You think yourself, what will happen to a family if every member is going in different direction. Before the case study I would like to request you that please go over this post carefully as this case study might be the feature of many families.

Case study
This case came to me about a year ago. It was Tuesday when a lady of 48 years old came to meet me. She came with a boy of 20 years old. When he came inside my worship place I gestured her to sit. She sat and I could see gloominess on her face clearly. She told me that from somebody she came to know about me. I asked about her problem. Before telling her problem ,she told me that she had two daughter as well as two sons. She told me in gloomy voice that her husband died two years before. She was doing some office job in a school and her husband was a government servant . After the death of her husband, her elder son got the job in place of her deceased husband.

She said that she was financially sound but the main problem was that no acord or harmony was present among the family members. Every member would talk rudely to other family member and would become angry at petty things. She said that everytime there was a brawl between or among the family member. Member would talk with lot of respect to outsiders but when they come inside the house their temperament would change.

I understood the problem. Problem was that no cordial relationship existed between or among the family members. Each family member would become angry young man or angry young woman when they would enter the house. Since she was the eldest member of the family ,she did not like the manner of family members and wanted that every member would normally talk to each other. She wanted that they should understand each other problem and should co-operate with each other. In short she wanted that all family members should live like a FAMILY.

She said as such there was no problem in the household but the problem of discord or rumpus among family members was a very big problem. After hearing all this I asked her to bring the dust of a house swept in the morning. On next turn i.e Saturday , she came with the dust of a house. I asked her to keep the dust of the house in front of me. When she kept the dust of the house in front of me I started meditating over it. In the meditation I did not find anything unusual and nothing paranormal. But one thing was clear in the dust that savings would not take place in the house and there was clear smell of impatience prevailing over the dust. I told her that no saving would take place and mind of every family member was restless. Every member was short of patience. So now everything was clear to me it was the time of remedy.

First remedy– I told her to buy a very small statue of Lord (whom you worship )in metal. Worship it for 10 days. After 10 days of worshipping, in morning when the milk comes , dip the Statue of your Lord in the milk. After that take out the Statue of lord and wash the Idol by holy water in such a way that the dripping water goes into the bowl containing milk. After that put the Idol at your worship place and use milk as you like.
Second remedy – Sprinkle holy water in whole house before going to bed at night.
Third remedy – I told her to take camphor and put five cloves over the camphor piece. After that burn the camphor at your worship place twice a day i.e. in morning and at night before going to bed.
Fourth remedy– I gave her a Mantra ‘Om Dum durgayei namaha’. This Mantra should be recited 551 times daily, before going to bed at night.

She did the remedy for three months but no result was there. In the starting of 4th month, she realized that rumpus as well as brawl decreased a bit and it took six months more for whole rectification of problem. Thank you bye bye I love you.