Remedy Against The Muscle Pain All Over The Body, Everything Was Normal.

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I again Welcome you to paranormall Today we shall discuss a case where the person was suffering with muscle ache or muscle pain all over the body. The pain was in such a intensity that every movement was nearly barred. Before going over the case study I shall pray God for your good health and all of you may remain hale and hearty.

Case study
That day was Saturday. Many persons had come to meet me, some persons were consulting me inside the worship place and others were waiting outside. After half an hour ,one husband and wife along with their 10 years old daughter came in. Both husband and wife touch my feet. They were new to me so I asked about their whereabouts. Husband name was Vishal and wife name was Kamini. Vishal told me that they had come from Sultanpur. Sultanpur is 20 kilometre from my city. They told me the name of my acquaintance as they knew about me from them.

After hearing the name I understood because I dealt the case concerned with the wrist and grip problem. Vishal told me that the brother in law of my acquaintance, who was a homeopathic doctor lived at Sultanpur. That homeopathic doctor told my name and requested them to meet me as soon as possible. After the whereabouts I asked about their problem. Vishal gestured kamini to tell me the problem.Kamini told me that for three years she had been suffering from muscle pain all over the body. Pain was not constant but in two or three days it would become so much that it was very hard to bear.

According to kamini the pain was so intense that she could not walk properly, she could not do any household work properly. Due to pain she could not sleep soundly. I asked him the duration of pain. She told me that the intense pain in the body becomes too less but not completely gone in three or four days.
When I asked kamini about the position of pain in a month. She told me that in a month the pain would crop up to 5 or 6 time. When I asked her about the medical test, she told that they had consulted hundred of doctors but the doctor would give her painkiller and vitamin tablet as all tests were normal. I thought that if kamini had been diagnosed medically unfit in the test, why she would have been here to consult me. I understood the problem but the origin was unknown and without knowing the origin no remedy was possible.

I asked her to sit before me. When I meditated over her I found that her body aura was very weak. Body aura or energy pool around the body becomes weak if there is problem of Chakras. I have written about Chakra, please read about the Chakra in blog post. In my meditation, Chakra number 3,4,5,6 were having the problem. Chakra 3,4,5,6 were having the problem from both sides of the body. You can see the photo given below and you will understand the position of Chakras.

All chakras

I have seen many times, when their is problem in Chakra many problem related to body occur which are not diagnosed in medical test. But one thing was alarming that in meditation I had seen some flower along with a big Earthen pot. I asked kamini whether she got any problem in sleeping or might saw some dreams. She answered in negative. It means that paranormal effect or ghostly effect was not visible. I told kamini and Vishal to come again on next Tuesday accompanied with the dust of the house swept in morning. I wanted to check that just because dust tells us many things .

On Tuesday they brought the dust. I meditated over the dust, I could feel a woman feet , wearing a ring over the second toe. I opened my eyes and saw the feet of Kamini. Feet of kamini was same as seen in the meditation. Now question arised that why God showed me in meditation the feet of Kamini. I asked kamini to give me her used cloth. She gave me her handkerchief. I told them to meet me after a week. When they had gone I kept the handkerchief there in my worship place and called other persons who were waiting outside.
Next morning after I had completed my puja, I put the kamini’s handkerchief before me and started meditation over it. After meditating for 10 minutes I could feel the feet hitting the earthen pot filled with flowers. The clue given by God was enough to me because in many cases I had encountered this type of clue. When Vishal and kamini came after a week I told them about the feet hitting the earthen pot, which I had seen in meditation. I asked kamini, when the event of hitting took place.

Kamini told me that 4 years back when she was coming from Temple she found the earthen pot in her way. With the help of feet she moved the earthen pot aside. But in this process Earthen pot got broken and the wild flowers came out from the earthen pot. I told them that was the main problem. Never to touch anything unknown by hand or feet. I told kamini that in a black magic, there is a process where someone problem or illness is transferred into the earthen pot. If somebody touched the earthen pot then the things present inside the earthen pot would grab the person by the same problem or illness.
As soon as the illness is transferred over second person, the person whose problem was put inside the earthen pot, that person would be cured. Same happened with Kamini. Now was the time of remedy as the origin of problem was known to me.

First remedy – I told them to come on Tuesday and Saturday as their Chakra had to be energized by me.
Second remedy – Kamini had to circumambulate the Statue of God 21 times daily.
Third remedy – Kamini had to do aarti of God by putting five cloves over a burning piece of camphor. Aarti means Hindu ritual, in which light from wicks soaked in ghee (purified butter) or camphor is offered to one or more deities. … Aarti is performed and sung to develop the highest love for God. “Aa” means “towards”, and “rati” means “the highest love for God” in Sanskrit.
Fourth remedy – Kamini had to make paste of turmeric powder with holy water. Then she had to apply the paste all over her body. After 15 minutes she had to bath by mixing 10 drops of holy water, 10 drops of kewra water and 10 drops of rose water in the water tub.
Fifth remedy– Before going to bed at night she had to apply Holy Water rose water and kewra water all over her body.
Sixth remedy– If she felt much pain in her body then she could take half tablet of painkiller infused by Mantra.

When the remedy process started kamini became disheartened as no relief was observed in first 3 months. In the starting of four month she felt a slight relief in her pain and within a year all her pain had gone.
Thank you, bye bye,I love you.