Remedy Against The Punch Of Souls Living In Graveyard (part 4).

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Paranormall solution

Kirti disclosed a very important clue to me. She told me that she had seen her maternal aunt mixing some ash and cloves in rice. After mixing, she gave boiled rice with pulse ( Daal) to Kirti. When Kirti disclosed all this,Rita said that one paranormalist had also taken the name of her maternal aunt where she consulted about Kirti before coming here. I asked Rita for the photo of her sister in law. Arun showed me her photo in his mobile. When I meditated over the photo, graveyard flashed into my mind. This was too much to confirm the wrong deeds of the maternal aunt.

I told Rita and Arun to forbid Kirti from eating anything at her maternal uncle’s house. Rita told me that it was impossible because the relation was too close so how could they forbid kirti from eating at her brother’s house. Arun said that they were helpless because nobody was too close where Kirti would go after school. After listening all this I told them a trick.

I told Rita to give Kirti extra tiffin. As soon as Kirti would enter the maternal uncle house, she had to say that she was too hungry and should start eating the tiffin. Since at that time the food was not ready at her maternal aunt house so she would escape from their food. Rita said that she would manage the situation then.

Arun asked me what to do about her maternal aunt. I told him that God would reward for her misdeeds. Rita told me that her sister in law was jealous as both were earning well and had maintained better status than her. I told them to leave everything on God. I gave thanks to God that he gave us the origin of problem. I made Arun and Reeta clear that they would not eat anything sent by the maternal aunt of kirti. In short I told them, maintain the relation but do not eat anything. Now everything was clear to me and it was the time of final remedy. I asked them to write the remedy in their diary. Arun got up and brought the diary from his bike and took out the pen to write the remedies in the diary.

First remedy – Apply Hanuman Ji vermilion at navel in the morning and in night before going to bed. If Hanuman Ji Vermilion is not available then put some edible salt over holy book for half an hour. After that mix the salt in two or three drops of holy water and then apply at your navel.
Second remedy – Read Hanuman Chalisa 11 times before going to sleep at night or close your eyes and recite the mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’ for 20 minutes. Fix 20 minutes alarm in your clock for mobile.
Third remedy – Take holy water in a teaspoon, put three or four sugar grains in the spoon and then put it in the mouth. This is to be done three or four times a day.
Fourth remedy – At night before going to bed, spray holy water in your house.
Fifth remedy – Do hawan at night. Five mantras are as follows:-
(a) om Shri ganesha Namah
(b) om Namah Shivay
(c) jai Sitaram
(d) om Shri hanumate Namah
(e)om kreem kalikaye Namah.
One has to do offering in Hawan, 21 times each for a mantra.
Sixth remedy – Mix two or three drops of holy water in your bathing tub and then take the bath.

When Arun and Rita started the remedy, more problem cropped up. Now Kirti could see the ghost moving in the house with naked eyes. She would see a 5 year old girl ghost sitting on a window or on the back of classroom. One thing was there that no ghost could touch Kirti, Arun or Rita. I told Arun and Rita that as the Clove get destroyed in a navel gradually so the ghost would also get destroyed. One more thing developed in the meantime.When I put waters and turmeric powder in kirti’s navel, she would come under ghostly influence and would toss her hand and legs great intensity on the ground. She fractured her hands and legs. So Arun would catch her hands and legs when I applied the things over navel.
It took six months every thing got vanished. I told them that the cloves infected by black magic takes time to dissolve in the navel. It took two years to rectify Kirti completely. Today she is in class 8 ,good in study.
Thank you, bye bye, I love you.