Remedy Against The Punch Of Souls Living In Graveyard (part 3).

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Now many things were before me.Those things were kirti’s unconsciousness, entangled cloves in navel, dreams of a family roaming in graveyard, and ghostly influence on Kirti. How many mysteries had to be unfolded I did not know. One day when I was applying the waters and turmeric powder over kirti’s navel she became unconscious. When she came in senses I saw that her eyes had become big. Her voice had become horse and she started growling. She suddenly raised both her hands and try to catch my neck. In other words she tried to strangle me but since she was 11 years old I easily caught her hands and put them aside. In the meantime Arun also caught her hands. I put my thumb on the centre of her forehead and four fingers above head and started reciting mantras ‘om Shri hanumate Namah’. She became unconscious again and when she came in senses, ghostly influence had disappeared. She sat peacefully.

She tried to catch my neck, it was clear that for her in the transition ghostly state, I was the enemy because I was providing the divine energy with the help of Mantra, waters and turmeric powder. I told Arun and Rita not to be dishe-artened because no power is greater than power of God. I told them to continue the hawan with the given mantras. They went but it was clear from their faces that they were not satisfied with my method. I did not bother about that because I knew best about my field and and how to cure somebody. So I did not care about what they felt.

Two days after Arun phone came to me. Arun on phone told me a very strange action done by Keerthi. Arun told me that after Hawan, the day before, Kirti was normal. Arun and Rita were busy in putting the things back at their places after doing hawan. Suddenly smell of cigarette went into Rita’s nostrils. Rita looked angrily towards Arun as she did not like the smell of cigarette but she did not find cigarette at Arun lips. Arun told me that when Rita turned and looked backwards she found Kirti smoking the cigarette.She held the cigarette in first two fingers and was releasing smoke of cigarette in form of rings by making her lips oval. According to Arun when Rita saw this she could not speak anything as her tongue froze and gestured toward Arun to see Kirti. Kirti was smoking the cigarette in such a manner as she had smoken thousands of cigarettes. After smoking whole cigarette she became unconscious and when she came in senses she was again normal.

After the above instance, when Arun and Rita came to me, I asked them the name of a person whom they suspect in kirti’s case. They did not understand what I said. I made them clear that cloves which were entangled in navel of kirti signified that someone intentionally had given Kirti to eat. I told them that the cloves were playing a great role in ghostly transition state of Kirti. Rita answered that Kirti did not go anywhere to unknown place in other days. According to Rita she would go daily to her maternal uncle’s house after the school gets over as Arun and Rita were both government servant and they did not like that Kirti should stay at their home alone.
House of Rita’s brother was half kilometre from Arun and Rita’s house. I asked who else lived in house of maternal uncle of Kriti. Rita told me that her brother was posted in south so in the house her mother, sister in law and their two children lived there. Kirti was sitting there and was listening whole discussion. Kirti said that she had overheard her maternal aunt talking to her sister on phone. According to Kirti ,her maternal aunt was saying that she had given some money to sacrifice the cock beside the grave in graveyard.

Rita who was hearing kirti, tried to stop Kirti but I gestured Rita to sit down quietly. I asked kirti what else she had observed in her maternal and house. Kirti disclosed a very important clue to me.
………to be continued.