Remedy Against The Punch Of Souls Living In Graveyard (part 2).

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So the process of applying the Holy Water, rose water, kewra water and powdered turmeric continued for a month. No improvement in kirti’s condition was visible. Process of becoming unconscious at regular interval continued to be the part of kirti’s life. Arun and Rita were also disturbed as they thought that the remedy was not working. I continued the process of applying waters and turmeric powder on regular basis.

One day when Arun and Rita came with Kirti, they told me that kirti saw a very bad dream or rather we could call it a nightmare. Arun disclosed her dream to me. He impatiently told me that Kirti had seen for4 or 5 people, clad in white clothes. They All caught Kirti and were dragging her into a big grave. “After that kirti’s eye opened and she was totally bathed in sweat” Arun told me. This was a new move to a unknown path. I was energizing the navel so from where this dream came. I told Arun that if the dream repeated again then it was the matter to think. But after hearing the dream I felt something fishy so I gave an amulet to Kirti and advised to wear the amulet in her neck. I cautioned her never to take off the amulet from her neck. After that I did the process on her navel.

Next time when they came, Arun and Rita were looking very disturbed. Colour of their faces seemed to fade. Rita told me that Kirti witnessed the same dream again and this time the white clad peoples almost dragged her inside the grave but she struggled and ran away from their clutches. Arun said that the problem was increasing instead of decreasing. I made clear to Arun that the problem which was visible to us was not real, real problem might be in some depth and under many folds. I told them that the problem of unconsciousness was not ‘only’ but something terrible and frightening might be behind it.
After I gave Kirti the amulate, her dream became somewhat irregular but then she would often see a family having lunch or dinner inside the grave. Sometimes she would see the family roaming in a graveyard. I gave Arun and Rita five mantras and told them to do Hawan with those five mantras. Mantra had to be done for 21 times each. In the remedy part I will tell you the five Mantra which I gave to Arun and Rita. I told them to do the hawan daily at any time. After writing the mantra they left my worship place. When they went from my worship place ,thought of meditating over kirti’s navel came into mind.

Since Kirti had to come on regular basis on Tuesday and Saturday at my worship place, so they reported every change either positive or negative to me. When they started the hawan in their house, kirti’s frequency of unconsciousness started increasing. One day something new developed or rather the case took new turn. When Arun and Rita came along with kirti on Tuesday, they told kirti to go out from my worship place. When Kirti went out, Rita started crying. When I asked them about the matter they told something alarming. Arun told me that during the Hawan process Kirti would become unconscious four or five times. According to Arun, a day before when Kirti became unconscious they waited for her to come in senses. When Kirti came in senses she was in different form. She was groaning and started staring everybody with big eyes. Her eyes looked as they were made up of stone. She sat in different posture where she put her hand on raised right knee and her left feet was under the raised right knee.

When Arun and Rita saw this, they could not understand first that what was the matter. Kirti’s voice had changed. Her voice had become heavy and hoarse. She said “stop all the pooja otherwise I will see you all”. After that she again became unconscious. In 30 seconds she came in senses but then she was normal. I consoled them and told them directly that it was not a simple matter. This was the starting of unfolding of problems. Then I asked Arun to call kirti inside.

When kirti came inside my worship place, I asked her to sit in front of me. As I told you before, so I started meditating over her navel. After 2 minutes of concentration over her navel, I could feel some cloves entangled in navel part. I opened my eyes and told Arun, Rita about the cloves coming in my meditation. I also told them that presence of cloves in navel means somebody intentionally had given kirti the cloves to eat by infesting black magic over the cloves. I made them clear that the black magic cloves get entangled in the naval and neither get dissolved nor they come out from the body.
…………….to be continued.