Remedy Against’What Should I Do, Where Should I Go, I Do Not Understand,I Want Peace’.

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I have come to you with the case study again. This case was somewhat unique but I have found the ingredients of this case in many cases which I have dealt with. This case was somewhat concerned with flickering mind. A mind where no satisfaction was available at any place. I have used a word ‘somewhat’ because the state of mind which I will describe here, the person would always run and try to find the place to have peace. But before the case study I wish you all good health and cheerful mood. May God bless you dear.

Case study
As I have told you that lot of person come to me with their problem. By Lord Hanuman Ji I get the clue to solve the problem in meditation. So it is the grace of God in solving the People’s problem. This case came to me about 3 years ago. His name was Arun (changed name). Arun was a middle aged man or rather I say is a middle aged man, who often come to meet me . When Arun came to meet me first time, he was exactly in such a state of mind which oscillates between depression and non depression.
When Arun sat before me it looked as he had no big problem. I asked Arun about the exact problem, but he was really confused to tell. He said that he had no peace of mind.He always felt something empty in life. He got little satisfaction when he would go to temple or house of God. He told me that his state of mind was such that he always felt to move somewhere but did not know where to go.

Sometimes he felt relaxed at deserted place, he would sit there for hours and would come to his residence after roaming around.
I asked him about the profession in which he was involved. He said that he was the owner of big shop. When I asked him the name of shop, it became clear to me because at one time the shop was famous in whole city. Arun told me that shop went into dust due to his mental status and he was working as a contractor then. Now I understood the situation. He had also consulted a psychiatrist who had told him the method to control the mind. But he followed the method for some days then he discarded that method on its own.
After hearing the whole story, one thing was clear that his mind did not know where to go, what to do and he would go on different places for attaining some time of satisfaction which he did not know himself. Arun had two daughters,a son and wife in his family.

He would meet every demand of them and was a good husband as well as good father. He told me that neither his family nor his friend understood his problem. I told him to have patience and to come next Tuesday as that day I had to go somewhere.
He came on Tuesday. I asked him to sit in front of me. When he sat in front of me, I started meditating over him. Energy flow of his body was normal. Energy of every Chakra except the first Chakra i.e. at the centre of head was low in energy. It was not the big problem.I asked for a cloth which he had used. I told him to give me any cloth which had touched his body. He told me that next day he would give his shirt. He came next day and handled me his new shirt in a packet. I told him to come after 3 days.

When I meditated over Arun shirt, in a flash came into mind two names of planets. It was Saturn and Rahu. Then I felt that Jupiter was very strong. Nothing paranormal I felt but then it was the time of interpretation. So when Arun came after 3 days, I told him about the planetary problem. According to my interpretation,bad rahu makes the mind very fluctuating. Since Saturn was involved therefore it made Arun too lazy. Due to bad Saturn it had become the habit of Arun to put every work on tomorrow’s head. This made his business crash. Rahu also gives bad company but strong Jupiter saved him from bad Company. Rahu and Saturn had a great effect over Arun’s mind such that he would go to lonely places due to Saturn and would visit religious places due to Jupiter. He did not get any satisfaction due to bad Rahu. Then the cause was clear, it was the time of remedy.

First remedy – This remedy is concerned with Saturn. I told him to burn 100 gram mustard oil in front of Lord Hanuman daily for 3 months. After that he had to do on Saturday only.
Second remedy – I told Arun to feed any human being on Saturday. This was to be continued till 21 Saturday.
Third remedy – I told him to read Batuk Bhairav Chalisa for 21 times daily. You have to complete it in 24 hours. It is available in English and Hindi but you can translate in any other language.
Fourth remedy – I told him to recite a Mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’ daily for half an hour with eyes closed.
Fifth remedy- Before going to bed at night I told him to burn camphor on any vessel then rotate the burning camphor over his head for 11 times clockwise. After that put the burning camphor at your worship place.

Arun did all remedies but got no positive response by the remedies in 2 months. But after 3 months he started feeling better and within a year he was alright. I advised Arun to do the third and fourth remedy for lifetime. Thank you, bye bye I love you.