Remedy Against The State Of Sleepiness Continued For 15 Years.

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You must have heard a word ‘insomnia’. Insomnia is a state where one does not sleep or when sleeps, it is for a short time. Most of the people are suffering with the problem of sleeplessness due to a irregular routine which in turn disturbs the body clock. But what will happen if a person feel sleepy for almost 24 hours and whenever he or she gets time, goes to sleep.

Before starting the case study I would like to wish a good life for all of you. You should be Hale and hearty and read this post with cheerful mood. So dear this case came to me at the end of 2019 where a person would sleep for at least 15 or 16 hours. After that also he would feel sleepy and always look for an opportunity to sleep more. Let us go over our case study.

Case study
I remember that in December 2019 this peculiar case came to me. Two ladies came to meet me at my worship place. One lady was about 64 years old and the second lady was about 35 years old. They had come from a village. They sat in front of me and were very quiet. I asked about their problem. Lady who was 64 years old, her name was Bina and the other lady was her daughter in law, her name was Seema. Bina told me that she had come to me for her husband. Then she started telling me her problem.

Bina’s husband was in railway. One year before when they came to meet me, he was 66 years old then . Bina told me that when her husband was about 52 years old he started sleeping heavily. He would go for his duty in sleepy state, would do the duty and as soon as he reached his home would go to sleep. He slept for 10 or 11 hours when he was in job. After retirement he would sleep for 20 hours. He would get up for Nature’s call and for meals only.
This was the strange case which I had encountered. I asked Bina about the medical reports and what the doctor were saying. She said that all medical reports were normal. M.R.I had been done but nothing came in the report. According to her, she had gone to many persons dealing in paranormal solution. They told Bina that some ghost had trapped her husband and did the remedy. Little improvement was visible but after some months problem came back on track again.

I asked Bina to bring her husband at my worship place. She answered that he would not come. Since she had taken him to many places so he was fed up and therefore he had no interest in meeting people concerned with this problem. I told them not to worry and made them clear that next time they should come with his photo as well as with the dust of house, broomed on the next visiting day only.
On Saturday both Bina and Seema came with photo and dust. I asked them to keep the photo before me. They did what they were told and they also put the dust before me. First of all I saw the photo carefully for a minute or two. Then I meditated over the photo. I could feel no negative energy or ghost over him. When I saw the dust, it was normal and could not give any fruitful result concerned with the problem. Everything was normal but still the problem was there. I told them to leave the photo with me and take the dust with them. Then they asked me when they should come again. I gave them the time of next Tuesday.

Now in this situation God could only help. The cause was unknown to me then how to tell remedy was a big question. Next day after doing my worship I meditated again over the photo. Before meditation I prayed God to tell me the remedy. By taking the name of god I meditated over the photo. God helped me in my meditation as I could feel many clay lamps burning. Now I had to do the interpretation on my own. On Tuesday when they came to me I told them to write the remedy in their diary. So let us go over the remedy.

I told you that in meditation I had seen many clay lamps burning. Now it was time to interpret that signal of God. I told Bina that remedy will be off 51 days. I told her to buy at least 1,000 clay lamps. First of all she had to put all the clay lamps in a bucket full of water that their dirt gets off. After that she had to put the clay lamps in Sun so that they should get dry. After the clay lamps are dried she had to write ‘Sitaram’ at the back of all the clay lamps. She had to write ‘Sitaram’ by red sandalwood.
I told her to take a branch of pomegranate and peel it in such a way to make a pen of it. You can also do the same process with any branch of tree which is considered sacred at your place. Then I told her to make dilute paste of red Sandalwood by adding holy water into it. After making the paste, bina had to dip the pomegranate pen into the dilute paste and then she had to write Sitaram behind the clay lamps.
After writing she had to start the remedy. First day she had to keep 51 clay lamps filled with Desi Ghee or clarified butter around the bed of her husband at night after 10 p.m. After keeping them she had to burn the lamp one by one moving in clockwise direction. Second day she had to burn 49 clay lamps. Third day she had to burn 48 clay lamps. In other words, everyday she had to decrease the number of lamps by one. I told her to buy more lamps if the number fell short.

She did the remedy as I told her. After 30 days she reported that her husband eyes had opened much and then he slept for 11 or 12 hours. I asked Bina to continue the remedy with full concentration. She did the remedy and her husband was fully rectified in 51 days.
Thank you, bye bye, I love you.