Remedy Against The Stone Thigh.

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Hi Readers, my dear friends. Today I shall be discussing with you a case where any body part become so hard or stiff as stone. God creates such problem against your bad doings in previous birth that the person roams everywhere in this world in this birth, but gets solution in the court of God. Many Peculiar cases I have witnessed which are unbelievable to a common man. Everything is present in this world, it depends whom you meet. But one thing is true that one should believe in God. Many problems get vanished when you are in touch with God. Feel God yourself.

So today I am sharing with you a case which had come to me after meeting many doctors, ayurvedic centres and homeopathic halls. I tell you one thing that if all tests are normal but the problem still persists then you should make your way to God. These type of cases are dealt under the shade of God only. So now we shall move over the case study.
Case study
This case came to me in 2016. His name was Vishal. Many acquaintance of Vishal were in touch with me before Vishal came in touch with me . One day when Vishal came to me first time, he was looking normal. He came with one of my acquaintance to meet me. Since vishal was looking normal, I thought the problem with Vishal might be concerned with job or family matter. But when Vishal told me the problem, my ears stood erect as I had never encountered this type of problem.
What he told might be unbelievable to you also. Vishal told me that his right thigh from Waist to knee was hard as stone. He took my hand and made me touch his thigh. lt was so stiff and hard that one could call the problem as thigh stone. He told me that his problem had been persisting for 6 years. Due to stiffness he could not walk fast. When he had to move on stairs he feels pain as hell in thighs.

Vishal was the P. R. O. of registrare in the government university. He was earning too well but this problem made his life hell as he would think 24 hours about the problem and about his rectification. He had consulted many experts of the medical world but no solution as all the test conducted were normal. Since medical world is concerned with test and reports therefore he could not get any relief there. Many doctors started experimenting over him so as to find the real cause of hardness. He had done all the medicines concerned with homeopathic ,allopathic and ayurvedic. He never th being spendthrift in this matter as he was earning good amount of money.

When Vishal told me about his problem, I consoled him by telling that God would give surely a solution. I asked him to sit in front of me. When Vishal sat in front of me, I closed my eyes and meditated over the right thigh. After meditating for 5 minutes, I came to the conclusion that energy flow was negligible in thigh portion. Since energy flow was negligible so hardness was the result of it. It can be understood by taking the example that if the water get trapped somewhere then what happens. Moss get formed over the water. Same was the case with Vishal. When energy could not flow the saturation came to be as the hardest stone.
Now see, according to my experience when there is a problem of energy flow in any body part, turmeric powder and holy water assisted by rose water and kewra water are the powerful things but should be graced by God. Holy Water, rose water, kewra water and half gram of saffron are the main constituents of remedy in this type of problem. Now when we talk of saffron, I use it in distributing the energy in equal parts everywhere in the body part.
Turmeric powder and holy water provide energy to the part where it is applied while rose water and kewra water acts as an insulator which do not permit the energy to pass out. Saffron with milk when goes into the body helps in equivalent distribution of energy, which was provided by turmeric powder and holy water. Now let us go over the remedy.

1) I asked Vishal to get the clothes off from thighs. First of all I applied holy water over it and massaged it with soft hands so that the surface of skin gets ready to absorb the energy.
2) Before using rose water, kewra water, turmeric powder and saffron, keep all these at your worship place for at least 24 hours and then use it.
3) I made a paste of turmeric powder and Holy water. I took 4 pinches of turmeric powder and poured 10 to 12 drops of holy water over the turmeric powder and made it into a dilute paste.I applied it over the thigh part of Vishal.
4) After applying turmeric powder and Holy water, I applied rose water and kewra water.
5) I told Vishal to put two fibres of saffron in a cup of milk and then drink it at least two hours before going to bed.
6) I did the remedy 2 days in a week i.e. Tuesday and Saturday, other days I told Vishal to do the remedy on its own as I had done.
7) I told Vishal to drink Saffron with milk daily.
8) I told vishal to drink at least 12 glass of water daily.


It took at least eight months to cure Vishal. Energy flow in thigh was maintained but I told Vishal to discontinue the remedy after doing for a year.
Thank you, I love you ,bye bye.