Remedy Against The Stomach Upset With No No Cause.

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Dear friends, many of you must be having the problem of stomach upset frequently. It might be possible that after having some meal you instantly feel something happening in the stomach and you go to drain out your stomach. So today I shall be discussing a case which came to me about 5 years ago. This case will surely help you against the frequent stomach upset when all your reports are normal and medicine works temporary over you.

So before going over the case study. First smile and be in cheerful mood. All the remedies which I have been telling you or I will tell you in future are the experiences and not the theory only which I describe in paranormall So go over every post carefully and with concentration because it will help you today or someday surely for yourself or for somebody else. One more thing dear, before doing the remedy, have full confidence over your God then only remedy will be fruitful. So let us start our case study.

I remember that day was Saturday, many persons had come with the problem to me. That day the boy, who had been coming frequently to meet me due to some or other problem, discussed me with the problem of someone else. He told me that his teacher had been suffering with some Stomach problem and he had discussed with the teacher about me so the teacher wanted to meet me. I gave him the time of next Tuesday after 7 p.m.
The boy and teacher came to me on Tuesday. Teacher’s name was Shyam. He was around 45 years of age. When I asked him about his problem, tears filled his eyes. He told me that he had been suffering with Stomach problem for 15 years. According to him, his stomach would get upset after every 2-3 days. If he would eat something heavy then he felt running to washroom.

He had been doing different type of therapies but all went in vain. He had consulted about 100 to 200 doctors, but his test were normal so what a doctor could do. He had spent a lot of money by now. Spending a money is not a big deal but not getting rectified is a Colossal problem.
I asked Shyam to become cool. I told him that he would be told the remedy if he agreed to spend time and do the remedy with full devotion. He gestured positively as he had no option. I asked him to sit in front of me. When I meditated over him, I found that stomach portion was somewhat reddish. Feeling reddishness over some part of body through meditation signifies too much drain of energy in that part. Chakra above the navel was completely destroyed.
I myself have seen that when chakras get disturbed, no medicine works permanently but give you a temporary relief but not a permanent one. I told Shyam about the situation of his stomach and asked him to note the remedies in his diary. I told him one thing more then the problem would be rectified but the remedy would take time to effect. When Shyam asked me the approximate time, I answered him that it would take to cure in 8 to 10 months. In short he had to follow all remedial measures for a year. Now it was the time of remedy.

1) I told him to apply mustard oil into his navel daily in morning and before going to bed at night.

2)I advised him to eat vegetarian food.

3) He had to put the meal plate before God at his worship place for 5 minutes then he could eat.

4) Thread remedy

a) Take a reel of white thread and soak it into holy water for 5 minutes.

b) Now take the reel out and put it before sun. If the sun is not visible, you can take the help of blower or heater as the main purpose is to make the reel dry.

c) After drying the reel, put it over the holy book or at the Gods feet for 24 hours.

d) After 24 hours, now the reel is ready to rectify the problem.

e) Turn one end of the thread around your big toe. If you are men tie it around your right big toe and if you are woman tie it around your left big toe.

f) Now stand on your both feet and then move the reel of thread around your body clockwise such that it wraps your body.

g) Move the reel around your body 11 times, then touch the reel at the centre of your forehead. Break the thread from the reel at the forehead only.

h) Now take out all the white thread wrapped around your body.

i) Burn the thread after taking out from your body.

5) I told him to put the medicine at his worship place. From there only he had to take the medicine and so low it by putting two or three drops of holy water in plain water.

6) I told him to take medicine only when his stomach gets upset.

7) I gave him a Mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. I told him to recite this mantra for 15 minutes with eyes closed before going to bed at night.

8) I asked him to circumambulate The God statue for 21 times daily.

Shyam did the remedy and in two or three months he felt somewhat better. After 6 months he came to me with a packet of sweet. He was very happy but I told him to continue the remedy for year and then he could discontinue.
Bye bye , I love you , thank you.