Remedy Against The Bad Health By Thread Therapy.

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Hello dear readers,how are you. Hope this remedial world of paranormal makes you Hale and hearty. I want you to be in your full cheerful mood and understand the concept of remedy concerned with different problems. I want to focus on every important problem of life thus giving remedy over that problem.

Today we are concerned with a major problem. That major problem is bad health. I will discuss with you a case which came to me 4 years back. If bad health is due to a particular reason, then you can go in the medical world and rectify yourself. What if, supposedly you have no problem in your body but again you feel less energy then.

What is the meaning of bad health. It does not mean that a person is lean and thin. It is concerned with energy. If you look skinny but yours energy level is fine, then your health is not bad. One thing more dear, the remedy which I will discuss with you here will surely transform the skinny body into normal body but not into a gym body. So let us start the working over the case.

As I told you this case came to me 4 years back. His name was Atul (changed name). When he first met me he looked lean and thin having less energy. I was in meditation at my worship place, I heard a Knock at my door.I called the one who was knocking, I saw a person around 28 years old coming inside. He came and touched my feet (touching feet is a form of reverence shown in our country). When I asked about his where about, atul told me that he had heard my name from someone else. I told Atul to come on Saturday 7:00 p.m, which was two days after.

Atul came at 7:30 p.m on Saturday. I called him inside and asked him to sit in front of me. He did what he was told. I asked him about his problem. He told me that he was employed in a government bank as a cashier. After that he came on the problem. He told me that he disliked to be skinny. Everybody interrupts him about his personality. Atul told me that he had consulted many doctors. Every test was being done over his body. Doctors had given him multivitamins tablets and syrups concerned with energy and many many medicines had been tested over him but all went in vain.
I asked Atul about the energy level. His energy level was neither good nor bad but the main problem was being skinny. He also told me that he joined gym where he was advised to take protein shake and soya bean powder. But those drinks made his stomach upset and he had to consult a doctor. When doctor heard about the stomach upset problem he provided him some pills and syrup concerned with liver and also wrote a test concerned with liver. Nothing was found in test, again he was prescribed multivitamin tablets and more and more.
So readers you must have understood the situation and problem of Atul. In a nutshell we can also say that Atul had a big problem but also no problem. He was unable to understand whether he was fit or unfit. He had a normal appetite and would do all his work without any problem. After hearing all this I asked him to sit in front of me. I meditated over him. I found that energy of all chakras were ample but the aura around his body was somewhat week.

I told him about the weakening of aura. He said that he did not know anything about aura but requested me to rectify his problem. I told him that before remedy one should know the cause. It does not matter whether you understood or not. What I analysed that energy flow was normal, but the body did not want to get more energy through any means. If something was provided then body would drain out the entire energy provided by any means. It was the time of remedy.
I have given the name of this remedy as Thread remedy which I am disclosing to you. This remedy is so powerful that will it will surely rectify your problem. Now please understand this remedy with full concentration.
Thread remedy
1) Take a reel of white thread and soak it into holy water for 5 minutes.
2) Now take the reel out and put it before sun. If the sun is not visible, you can take the help of blower or heater as the main purpose is to make the reel dry.
3) After drying the reel, put it over the holy book or at the Gods feet for 24 hours.
4) After 24 hours, now the reel is ready to rectify the problem.
5) Turn one end of the thread around your big toe. If you are men tie it around your right big toe and if you are woman tie it around your left big toe.
6) Now stand on your both feet and then move the reel of thread around your body clockwise such that it wraps your body.
7) Move the reel around your body 11 times, then touch the reel at the centre of your forehead. Break the thread from the reel.
8) Now take out all the white thread wrapped around your body.
9) Burn the thread after taking out from your body.


This remedy is so perfect and so powerful that within 6 months you will be alright. One more thing if you are unable to wrap your body by the thread yourself then you can take help of somebody in wrapping your body with the help of thread. So in 6 month atul got rectified and his body was able to take more energy.
Thank you, bye bye, I love you.