Remedy Against The Fresh Attack Of Spondylitis.

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Hi readers, today I shall go over a case where the spondylitis attack occurred in a drastic way and how I controlled is the importance of this post. My website paranormall is mainly concerned in giving the remedy of any problem which occurs either in this world or another world. So before starting the case I would like to wish you great happiness in your life as well as Fortune may kiss your feet.

The case which I am discussing with you, happened about a year ago. It was the severe Spondylitis attack occurred to my mother. My mother is 78 years old today and a year ago when the attack occurred over her she was 77 years old. That day I clearly remember, I was sitting in my worship place.That day was Tuesday, therefore many person had come to meet me. I was busy in talking with the persons and was telling remedy concerned with their problem, my son Ram came running to me. Behind Ram my daughter Durga came running. Since it was the habit of my son and daughter to sit in my worship place so I did not bother about their running while entering the worship place.

Ram came to me straight away, on other normal days he would sit beside me. He said that grandma had been trapped by ghost. First of all I could not understand the matter so I asked Ram to clear me the problem. He told me that his grandma was whirling round and round and vomiting was also taking place. So I told the persons sitting there to wait for me half an hour and I went with Ram and my daughter Durga to see my mother.
When I came in verandah, I saw my mother sitting on a cot. She was sitting with her head down and it clearly looked that she was in great pain. All of my family members were present there. They were attending my mother and I saw my wife furnishing pills to my mother against vomiting. I asked my mother the problem. She said that her head was rolling round and round and her shoulder and head had been in great pain.

I understood that it was the severe attack of Spondylitis which made by mother condition so critical.
So dear readers, you must have analysed the situation that how severe can the spondylitis attack be. You might have seen in your family as Spondylitis has been a common feature in today’s life. Just now I have said a word ‘common feature’. It is so because that life schedule has become so hectic that we have no space for physical work. Physical work is very important, so we should give at least one and half hour in exercise and doing yoga. By exercise I do not mean to say that you go to gym daily but you should spend your time in walking, running ,cycling accompanied with yoga.

My mother was old but she would keep her always busy in some or other work.Due to her old age she was suffering this attack. It was the time of remedy. Now you must see what I had done, please try to understand and then apply it over the patients. Surely the patient would feel much better and would be able to sit and work in normal way after 2-3 hours.

First I advised my mother not to sit. Then I requested her to lie down on her back. Then I took the holy water in small quantity in my palm , and rubbed gently over her forehead and head for at least 10 minutes. Now see, this process will make the person calm down as the Holy Water will act over the forehead and head Chakras respectively . After doing the process for 10 minutes I asked my daughter Durga to help her grandma to lie on her stomach. Very slowly my mother lied down on her stomach with the help of Durga.

When my mother came down on her stomach, I touched her neck and at the back of head just beside the back neck I could feel the stiffness of the nerve there . With the soft hands you can also feel the stiffness of nerve. I took the holy water and started massaging the nerves gently with soft hands. I did the process for 10 minutes. In ten minutes you will see that the stiffness would decrease. Then I massaged the back portion of the head for 5 minutes.

After doing all this I asked my wife to bring two pinches of turmeric powder from the kitchen. When she brought the prescribed quantity, I mixed the turmeric powder with 8 to 10 drops of holy water. Then I applied the mixture of holy water and turmeric powder over the back of a neck where I could feel stiffness of nerves.I massaged this mixture for at least 5 minutes.
Then I went for the shoulders. I massaged the shoulders with soft hand after applying Holy Water over the Shoulders. Massage at least for 10 minutes. Then I asked my daughter Durga to help her grandma lie on her back. I told my mother to relax for half an hour and I told my wife to give my mother analgesic pills along with some multivitamin capsule.
After 2 hours my mother felt much better and she sat. I told my mother not to walk unnecessarily other than attending nature’s call. At night before going to bed, I did the whole process again. In the morning my mother was much better. Again for three days I repeated the process twice in a day that I. e in morning and night before going to bed. I also gave her the multivitamin pills and half analgesic pill twice a day. She was fit after that.
Thank you bye bye I love you