Remedy Against The Office Problem Where Your Boss Is Poking Badly

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I have encountered many problems concerned with office boss. Sometimes the remedy does not work because there in office the boss was fair and the one who came to meet me was unfair. In short I would like to say that the remedy given by me will only work if one is fair and the other is really after him or her. So today I will discuss with you a case where the lady was fair but her boss was totally unfair.

This case came to me about four years ago. She was about 42 years old. In her family only two members were present, she herself and her 14 years old son. Her husband died 10 years before due to kidney failure. She knew me because her elder sister would often come to meet me. On Tuesday she came to meet me. Since I was engaged with two or three persons before her so she had to wait for half an hour. When her turn came she came inside. She folded her hands in respect, I told her to sit down. She gave me the reference of her elder sister and after some random talks I asked about her problem.

She told me that her job was in danger. OH, I forgot to tell her name. Her name was Raksha (changed name). Raksha was an assistant to the principal of a re- puted college. Raksha’s school,where she worked was famous in old city, so I also knew the name of her school. She told me that the principal was after her. Principal was also a female. I asked raksha about the cause as why the principal was against her. She said that the principal wanted her acquaintance to work at her place or post of assistant. Since the management liked Raksha’s amicable and adjusting nature so principal could not turn out Raksha directly.

Due to the above reason principal would find every excuse to disturb her . Raksha never complained principal’s arrogance and atrocities to the management. Raksha told me that principal would find fault in every work done by her. When she was telling her problem I saw that tears rolled down her cheeks. She also told me that she had no alternative for job, otherwise she would have had left the job long before. She also told me that without any alternative, she could not leave the job as the whole burden of family and expenses were over her head.

I consoled her by saying that since the management was with her so nothing to bother about her job. But I knew that mental tension makes the person too weak and shakes the foundation of confidence. After that I asked her to sit in front of me. I also asked her that when the problem started. Something flashed in my mind but I did not disclose her as I wanted to check the problem through meditation.
When raksha sat in front of me, I started meditating over her. I found on meditation that two planets were creating too much problem. One planet was Jupiter which had come in flash as well as in meditation. Other planet was saturn. The cause was clear then. Since Jupiter was not favourable therefore it was creating problem in school job as educational field is governed by Jupiter. Saturn made the mind depressive. It is the nature of afflicted saturn that it brings depression in one’s life slowly and slowly. It is the quality of bad Saturn that it makes the people cry when they are alone as it makes the mood too depressive. Now it was the time of remedy.

1st Remedy– I told Raksha to recite the1000 names of Lord Vishnu on Thursday. You can take the help of mobile phone and internet.
2nd Remedy – On Wednesday some green vegetable was to be given to cow. If the cow is not available at your place, you can give it to some people.
3rd Remedy – On Saturday , 5 clay lamps full of mustard oil should be burnt in front of Lord Hanuman. If Lord Hanuman is not available then you can burn it at your worship place.
4th Remedy -I gave Raksha a mantra ‘Om namo bhagwate vasudevai ‘.I told her to recite the mantra for 151 times daily.
5th Remedy-Daily she had to read ‘Bajrang Baan’ 11 times. It is also in the internet.
Raksha did the remedy for a month but she could feel no positive change in the problem. In the starting of 4th month she got the news that new principal was coming within 2 days. Raksha came running to me as she was very happy. She touched my feet and put a box of sweets in my hand. I knew that the problem was solved. Bye Bye, I love you ,thank you.