Remedy Against Sleeplessness But Not Insomnia, I Bet.

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Hi, I love you my dear readers. Hope this post finds you in Pink of health and I always wish that you all should always be Hale and hearty. Today I shall discuss with you a case where everybody was thinking the existence of insomnia but real cause was more heavier than all thespeculations.It happens many times that what everybody things, goes wrong. Therefore, I always say, think of particular problem in two ways. Two ways are medical world and paranormal world. You should never ignore the two parameters that is medical world and paranormal world.
God is supreme, always believe in God.

Now we shall move over the case. Since I am a staunch lover of my God and I help or rather try to help those persons who come to me. We celebrate the birthday of Lord Hanuman with pomp and show. Since the celebration is too big therefore I have made a big team of families who co-operate with me by putting hundred percent of their effort and energy. In our team, a family is there who has been cooperating for more than 6 years. That family comprised of husband, wife and two daughters. Husband and wife names are Prashant (changed name) and Palak (changed name).

Both Prashant and Palak are good natured or rather we can say are good-natured but few times there I had seen some controversies developing between husband and wife. Every husband wife fight with each other, by fight I mean to say tension. I saw so many times tension between husband and wife but I did not interfere as it was their private affair. Had they said to me anything, surely I would have had advised them. One day when I was sitting in the worship place, Palau came to meet me alone. I found Prashant missing so I inquired about him. She said that she wanted to talk with me alone therefore she had come from home without informing Prashant.

I asked Palak about the problem developing between her and Prashant. Palak said that nature of Prashant changed drastically in these two or three years. They could never talk in simple way with each other as the conversation always ended in a fight. She said that his nature was also rude towords their daughtes. . She told that at night he would not sleep in a proper way. Prasanth would sleep at most 2 or 3 hours at maximum. Many times at night she saw Prashant sitting on the bed at 2 or 3 a.m without any cause. She told me that many times she had persuaded Prashant to talk with me but he answered that he had no problem.

I told Palak not to bother much and I gave her a Mantra ‘om Namo bhagwate vasudevay’ she had to recite the mantra 551 times before going to bed at night. Hardly she had recited the mantra for 10 or 11 days. duration of prashant’s sleep got more lessened. One day Prashant dialled me that he wanted to meet me about some matter. I told Prashant to come on Saturday which was two days after. I requested prashant to come after 7 p.m.

So Saturday came, I was meditating at my place of worship. Somebody came and sat in front of me. When I opened my eyes, I saw prashant and Palak sitting in front of me. Prashant face was looking glowless and looked like as he had come after doing some heavy work. They touched my feet in respect. Prashant told me that he could not sleep more than an hour. Due to this sleeplessness he feels every time sleepy and feels less energy in his body. He told me that he had consulted doctor and doctor had given him the pills to sleep. But the pills had no effect over his sleep and pills were unable to extend the duration of sleep. He was in the state of drowsiness due to effect of pills and constant slight headache persisted as he could not complete his daily sleep cycle.

I asked Prashant to sit in front of me. When I meditated over Prashant I could not believe the feeling originating from meditation. You know what I felt. I felt two heads of Prashant. Again I meditated over Prashant, two heads were still there. I mean to say that one more head I could feel just at the back of Prashant’s head. Such case never came to me, it was a mind blowing case. One more thing, the head which I saw was smeared with Ash. I knew that the case was taking new turn, what should I do, suddenly an idea came into my mind.I asked Prashant to sit in a position such that his back faces me.

I meditated Prashant at the back of his head. I could feel then the hairs of second head in form of dirty stypig tail and totally smeared with Ash. Image of a thing clicked in my mind. I asked Prashant to sit in the previous position facing me. you know which type of image clicked in my mind. It was an Aghori. Aghori are the people who live where the dead are burnt and they are indulged in eating the corpses.
I asked Prashant about an Aghori. It was an unusual question, prashant and Palak gaped at my face.I asked Prashant that he ever had met an Aghori. Then Prashant remembered an incident. He told me that two or three years back when he was sitting with his two or three friends, aghori came to them . He asked them for 50 rupees but Prashant and his friends denied to give the money. Aghori force them to give the money, so Prashant gave Aghori 2 or 3 slaps but in return Aghori blew some powder over Prashant head and he went from there.

I warned Prashant never to be violent activity against Aghori in future. Then I told him, what I saw behind his head. My words blew his mind. I told him that Aghori were the masters of black magic and due to that powder he was unable to sleep not more than 2 hours. I also told him when the effect would end he would be able to sleep comfortably. Then came the turn of remedy.
First remedy – Take 2 lemons, rotate them around the head 51 Times then throw it in any cremation place or in any graveyard. This has to be done once only. This process will make the way for negative energy to go out from your body.
Second remedy – Burn camphor in a plate or in a clay lamp, rotate it around your head 21 times then put it before God feet. Do this process in morning , afternoon and night before going to bed. This process should be done! till 5 days.
Third remedy – Take a glass of holy water or rather a cup of holy water, rotate it around your head 11 Times then throw it outside your house. Do this process for 5 days.

After 5 days, Prshant slept for 8 hours continuously without any break after 3 years. Then Prashant understood the seriousness of the problem which acted over him. However I gave him the mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’ and asked him to read the mantra for half an hour daily with closed eyes , forever. Today he has no problem and sleeps for 6 to 7 hours continuously.Now all the controversies nearly ended in his married life.
Thank you, I love you, bye bye.