Remedy Against The Power Play Of God In A Cheering Way.

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Today we shall discuss a case where God patted a human being or a small boy in a cheering way. From this event we will be able to understand that God also plays with us but in a cheering way. But that happens only when the person is totally fair or totally innocent. If we do a mistake but in a innocent way or unaware of the mistake, then God gives us a chance to understand but in a joking way. Here I have written the word ‘joking’ it will be clear to you after reading the case.

Before starting the case, I would like to say that I hope this post finds you hale and hearty. When you read this post, you should have a smile swimming over your face. Case Study

So let us start. This case was attended by me about 8 years before. One day one of my acquaintance came to my worship place and told me that his friend Aakash wanted to meet me. He told me that Akash lived in Varanasi but he was posted in Salasar in Haryana at that time.

Aakash was the company head of Haryana and therefore had a very reputed job. Yogendra my acquaintance told me that his train would pass from here so Aakash wanted to meet me in connection with his job. I asked Yogendra to bring Aakash on Saturday. So after that Yogendra left the worship place after touching my feet in respect.
On Saturday at about 7 p.m, akash and Yogendra came to meet me. They sat in front of me in my worship place. Aakash gestured with his folded hands in respect after he sat. So 10 minutes of random talks, I asked Aakash about his problem. He told me that he was getting some problem in job. When I meditated over him, I found that Mars planet was disturbing him, so I told him the remedy.He had to go every Tuesday at Lord Hanuman temple and to burn a clay lamp full of mustard oil in front of Statue of Lord Hanuman.

Akash told that in Salasar there was a famous temple of Lord Hanuman. He would go and would do the process there in the temple every Tuesday. So after 5 minutes Aakash and Yogendra left. I have seen generally that when mars gives someone problem,he or she should burn the clay lamp full of mustard oil in front of Lord Hanuman. If supposedly you do not find the Statue of Lord Hanuman then you should give 250 grams of red lentils to anyone in form of donation. If supposed you do not find the red lentils then take the coconut, wrap it in red cloth and then flow it into the river. Surely any three remedies will provide you relief against the mars planet.

So after Akash had gone that day, I nearly forgot about him. I think after a month or two yogendra came running to me at my worship place. I asked Yogendra the reason of his impulsiveness. He said that Akash wanted to talk with me on mobile phone. I asked Yogendra to dial Aakash. When Aakash came on the line, yogendra gave me the phone. First of all Aakash greeted me with the word ‘namaste’, then he shared with me his problem. What he told me it could bring smile on any face. He told me that on Tuesday he would go to Lord Hanuman temple on regular basis as told by me. Akash had a son, I think at that time he was about 4 years old. Akash son’s name was Vipin. Vipin would assist his father every Tuesday to Lord Hanuman temple. Now came the twist in the story.

Akash told me that two days before he had gone with his family to Salasar Hanuman Ji. That day Vipin was in naughty mood.. He did all sort of hoydenism in temple. Sometime he would ring the bell, sometime he would hit Lord Hanuman statue with flowers. Aakash told me that Vipin did all the hoydenism that day although he was not that sort of boy. Then Aakash came on the final problem. He told me that when they returned home from temple to their home, vipin was silent and was busy in watching the outer sceneries from the car. As soon as he reached home, vipin started behaving like a monkey. So much power came in him that he would easily climb the tree. Vipin went to second story of the house from the tree. Akash and his wife Renuka ran to the second story of the house, they found vipin sitting on a shelf in a room which was 8 feet above the floor. When they asked Vipin to come down, he easily came down with the help of curtains and Windows.

When Akash and renuka saw all this their head went round and round. They did not know what to do. Although Vipin was talking normally but he would jump and climb everywhere in the room as Akash had shut the main door. However by hook or crook they managed vipin to sleep. In the morning when Akash and Renuka got up, they found Vipin missing. Since the door was locked so the vipin’s probability of going outside was minimum. They searched everywhere then they found vipin sleeping over the refrigerator.
Aakash was looking too desperate on phone. When I asked him about the remedy he had done as told by someone, he said that an amulet was been given by a ‘ Baba’. From that amulet vipin had no relief.
I smiled and answered aakash that how could an amulet control the power of God. Then Aakash asked for remedy. I told him that since it was the game of God therefore we had to offer those things which were loved by God.
Since the case happened in Lord Hanuman Ji Temple therefore I told him to offer those things which Lord Hanuman loved.

First remedy – I told him to offer half kg Orange vermilion to Lord Hanuman and from that vermilion he had to pick up 11 pinches. In 11 pinches of vermilon he had to mix some drops of jasmine oil and then apply over the whole spinal cord of Vipin.
Second remedy – I told him to offer through vipin’s hand some jaggery mixed with roasted gram or chickpeas to Lord Hanuman.
Third remedy – vipin had to offer 2 kg of boondi laddu to Lord Hanuman.


So Vipin came to his normal state in 2 or 3 hours after offering the things as told my me to Lord Hanuman. So you have seen that how Lord Hanuman played with Vipin. Since Vipin was innocent it was not the wrath of God but it was a clean sign to his parents to keep their child in limit. So when we do anything in innocence, god tells us how to rectify the fault as our father and mother does.
Bye bye thank you I love you.