Remedy Against Hypnagogia -Half Sleep Half Awake.

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Hello my dear friends, how are you. Hope this post finds you well and hearty as well in cheering morale. So dear, these posts are dedicated to your problem only. If you will get any solution from me, I would consider myself very fortunate. A friend in need is a friend indeed, dear I will never prove unworthy to you as far as friendship is concerned. I will try to be your true friend as you will find me always at your side when you are in great problem.
Today we shall be discussing a problem where someone feels that he or she is sleeping but at the same time he or she feels awake . In short we can say that he or she feels an open half eyed sleep. It is a state where you are half awake and half asleep. Now we shall discuss how it happens, but before it we shall go over a case which will make you many things clear. This case happened in my family and if I had not been in this meditation world surely we would have been circumambulating the doctor and the hospitals.

One thing is that you should never follow blindly either the medicine world or paranormal world. Judge the situation by putting the medical world in one pan and paranormal world in second pan. Now see carefully which pan is going down. So it is over you to judge. I will tell you here to judge but first let us go on the case.

As I told you that the case was concerned with my family. One day when I came out from my worship place, my mother told me that there was something wrong with my younger sister. When I asked her how, she answered that from three or 4 days my younger sister could not sleep properly. She would sleep in half awake position and due to this problem her head was paining or in other words she was suffering with headache.
My mother also told me that she was going through the problem of nausea as well her stomach was upset. After telling me all this she called the younger sister. When my younger sister came, my mother asked her about the problem she was facing. She totally denied the problem. She said that she was alright and mother was taking her care too much. With this speech she went off. After she had gone, my mother told me that prema’s (changed name of my sister) blood pressure was also normal. After that we departed.

In the evening at tea table we all met again. Prema’s eyes had become swollen as she was not getting proper sleep. Seeing the situation getting worse, my mother poured her anger over Prema. My mother told prema clearly that if Prema would not bother about the situation she would pay on behalf of our body. But this time Prema was silent. I understood that Prema was feeling the pain of her problem. My mother asked me to check prema at my worship place. So I, my mother and Prema were present in worship place after of an hour.

When I meditated over Prema, I found that some negative energy was acting over her. Every negative energy is not a ghost but if you pass beside this paranormal bodies you would get affected. Same was the case with Prema, she had passed through the aura of some ghost. I asked Prema when the problem started. She answered that four days before she could not sleep properly at night. My mother told me that she went out with the dog at 11:45 p.m as the dog was jumping to take him out.

In the meantime my niece also came. She told me that Prema had the habit of taking the dog to that area where many trees were there and was a deserted place. I told Prema the reason about his problem that she had passed beside the ghost. But prema face and eyes told me that she was not believing at all. My mother asked for the remedy.
First remedy – I told Prema to burn 11 clay lamps filled with mustard oil or ghee (clarified butter ) before the God’s statue. After burning the clay lamps, I told her to circumambulate the God’s statue 21 times clockwise.
Second remedy – I asked Prema to put two cloves before the Gods feet for an hour and then before sleeping at night put those two cloves in her mouth and should chew them.
Third remedy – Before going to bed, burn a piece of camphor in clay lamp . Then rotate the burning camphor around her head 11 times clockwise. After that put the clay lamp with burning camphor before the feet of your God statue.

My mother took care of all the remedies and Prema was fit within 2 days. From third day Prema started doing the remedy herself as the remedies had to be done for 5 days. Thank you, bye bye, I love you.