Remedy Against The Enemy But You Should Be Fair.

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Hello my dear readers, how are you. I am again with you my dear friends to have a chat with you and help you in Some matters where you might feel no way to go. Go over the post carefully because what I am telling you today is of major importance. It is of major importance as it is concerned with facing an enemy. This remedy will work when you are fair and have no malignant mind. It is so because when you are fair and have done nothing wrong then only god will help you hundred percent.

So I am telling you about a case which came to me 10 years before. In those days people would meet me at Temple which was near my house, about 200 metre. I remember that day, about 10:30 p.m when I was leaving the place, a car stopped there. Since it was a busy road ,traffic would stop and go and that is why I did not care. But from the car, four persons stepped out and came to me directly. They were a men and 3 women. They came towards me and folding their hand in respect. I did not recognise them as they were new faces.
I asked them the reason of coming. They said that they would take only 5 minutes of mine. I could see great tension on their face so again I sat at my worship place. They told me that someone was after them. Somebody was after their daughter. I told them to come next day at 7:00 p.m as it was getting late. In answer they touched my feet and went from there. I also moved to to my residence as it was already 10:50 p.m.

Next day when I reached my worship place, I saw them waiting there. They told me that their daughter was in love with the boy. The boy was good natured and belong to a reputed family so they were in mood of getting both of them married. But the main problem was boy’s mother. She was a politician and was adamant not to marry her son with their daughter. Although his father was a good person, he could do nothing. She had sent many hoodlums or goons to their house so that they deny the marriage. Now the man introduced me with his family. His name was Ravi, her wife and wife’s sister had come their names were respectively Kiran and Meena. Fourth was the daughter of Kiran and Ravi whose name was Rita and she was the main centre of the problem. Ravi told me that his daughter was and she was teaching in an engineering college. About the boy, they told me that his name was Balram and he was appearing for bank P.O examination after doing B.Tech.

I told them that problem was not so great, it would be rectified soon. But one thing I told them in a clear way that if they were wrong somewhere, the remedy would not work at all. Kiran’s eyes filled with tears, she made a promise in front of God that they had done nothing wrong. I promise them that nothing would happen. I asked them to come after 2 days. Also I asked them for a cloth or handkerchief of daughter Rita. Luckily Reeta was holding a handkerchief in her hand. She handled me her handkerchief .
After they had gone, I meditated over her handkerchief. I got positive vibration from the handkerchief, it meant that the people were genuine and did not lie. Then I started doing my puja. After two days they were present at time. I asked whether they had brought diary or not.They denied so I sent them to buy a diary. After 15 minutes when they bought the diary I stated them the remedy.

First remedy – I asked them to arrange the passport size photo of boy’s mother. Take a small bottle, fill Holy water in it and then put the photograph inside the bottle. Now put the bottle in deep freezer. This will make the enemies head cool against you.
Second remedy – I told them to write on a paper her name by dipping pomegranate stem in the mixture of turmeric powder and Holy water. If you do not find the pomegranate stem, you can arrange the stem of any sacred tree according to your religion. After that over the paper burn a lamp of mustard oil at night before going to bed. The mustard oil should be in such a quantity that the lamp does not extinguish before 4 a.m. This remedy makes the enemy busy in other events.
Third remedy – I give them a Mantra ‘om hung hanumate rudratmakaya hoong phut’. I asked them to recite a mantra for 10000 times in a day. You have to complete it in 24 hour. This will create fear in your enemy.
Fourth remedy – Take the photo of the enemy, rotate 11 cloves around the photo clockwise and then burn the cloves. Do the same procedure on the same photo daily. This has to be done once in a day at any time.

So I told them to do the remedy for two months and then they should meet me. They came after 2 months. They told me that the atmosphere had become cool and one day she came to their house in good mood. I told them not to believe her and continue the remedy for 4 months more. After four months they came with the marriage card with smiling face. Thank you, I love you, bye bye.