Remedy Against The Lizard Crawling Over A Body.

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Hello dear readers, I love you. This website or blog’ paranormal ‘ is totally dedicated to your problems. In every post I try to tell methods of rectifying your problem. I once again request all of you not to read the post as story but try to pick out the remedial measure out of it. I have got no interest in telling you the ghost stories and witches stories but how to get away from these evil things is my main concern. This blog is concerned with rectification of Chakra, meditation and various other important thing which you should know as they play an important role in our life.

Today, dear and beloved readers I will tell you about a case which came to me about a year ago. So let us start with a case. I also remember that day,it was Monday and I was resting after having lunch. Bell Rang and I went out to see who was there. My close friend Punit was standing at the threshold of the gate. After exchanging greetings I brought Punit in the drawing room and requested him to sit. Punit told me that somebody was with him and standing outside. I asked Punit to bring him in the drawing room.

Punit came in the drawing room with the person whose name was Shankar(chsnged name). Punit introduced him and we all sat on thesofa. He told me that Shankar was in great problem and he was unable to find the way to get out of it. I thought that Shankar might be having a great debt over his head.
But when Shankar told me his problem, I just went on seeing his face. Shankar was having tears in his eyes. After consoling him, he told me that for three years, he and his two small sons were cooking in kitchen. Then he told me that whenever his wife went in the kitchen she would feel that lots of lizard would roll over her body and in the kitchen also.

In the past three years they had consulted many physicians as well as neurosurgeons who gave them bucket of medicines but all went in vain. Shankar told me that his wife was passing in a phase of trauma and virtually she was in Great Depression. She wanted to cook in the kitchen but whenever she went in the kitchen she would scream and would run out of the kitchen. After telling all things Shankar started crying. Shankar was in great problem because he did not know what to do. Doctor had declared that some nerve in her head had gone wrong, due to which she felt the feeling of lizards moving all over her body. This was a very unique case. I asked Shankar to bring her wife on the coming Saturday at 6 p.m.

Shankar and her wife came on Saturday before time. I took them to my worship place and asked them to take the seat. I asked Shankar’s wife to sit infront of me. She sat before me, her name was Pragya(changed name ). She was a well mannered and good natured lady. She told me her problem and when I saw she was on verge of crying, I stopped her. I meditated over her but nothing came in meditation. All her Chakra were perfect and energy was flowing perfectly through the body. I observed that Pragya was looking somewhat sleepy. I asked her to stop taking neuro medicines and rather I told them strictly not to take any medicine from today. After that I asked Pragya and Shankar to bring the dust of the kitchen on next coming Tuesday. When they were leaving the worship worship place, I asked them to collect the dust on Tuesday morning only and not before.
They came on Tuesday. Shankar kept the dust of kitchen before me. I found nothing negative in the dust after meditating over it. There was no indication of Ghost or something like that. For me cure could only be done after analysing the problem. But the problem was Undercover. Pragya had no problem other than the existing problem. I asked them again to come on coming Saturday. When they went I was thinking that nothing was coming in meditation, no sign of Paranormal Activity was visible.

So Saturday came and they were at time. Again I meditated over Pragya, I found nothing unusual. Energy was flowing in a proper way and no hint of Paranormal Activity was there. Everything was o.k but the problem still existed. If the problem was there surely the cause would be there.
I asked Shankar to bring red cloth about half metre. When Shankar bought it from the market, I kept into it 50 grams of raw rice , 11 pinches of Hanuman Ji vermilion, 11 pinches of turmeric powder and 21 cloves. After putting all these things I tied it by a thread and made it into a bundle or bale and asked Pragya to go and touch the bale to the feet of God.
When Pragya came I gave her a Mantra’ om Dum durgaye namaha’. I asked Pragya to recite the mantra before going to bed at night 1001 Times. I told her to keep the red bundle beside her pillow. I gave her the direction to do it daily and then meet me after 5 days.
After 5 days when she came, she told me that she could not sleep comfortably for 2 days. On the third day she saw a dream that a lady was hitting a lizard by a Broom in kitchen. On 4th day also she saw the same dream. I asked Shankar to go and bring the red bale. Shankar came back in 15 minutes as his house was near. When I meditated over the red bundle I could easily feel divine energy coming from it. Yes it was divine energy because it made my head cool and serene. Now I understood the cause.

I told Shankar and Pragya that the problem which Pragya was facing exactly concerned with the last birth of Pragya. The lady whom Pragya saw in dream was she herself in previous birth. She was hitting and killing Lizard by broom in previous birth that is why she was facing such a problem in this birth. Shankar and Pragya gaped me with mouth wide open. I told them not to feel so much surprised, it happens. Then it was the time for remedy.I asked Shankar and Pragya to note down the remedies in diary. All remedies had to be done by Pragya, I told this important point before telling the remedies.

First remedy – pragya had to recite the given Mantra’ Om Dum durgaye namaha ‘ for half an hour with eyes closed. It was to be done in morning as soon as possible as well as in night before going to bed.
Second remedy – I asked Pragya to give two wheat chapatis in the name of lizard to cow and the dog respectively.
Third remedy – I asked her daily to mix at least 50 ml of holy water in the bathing water.Then bath.
Forth remedy – On Thursday Pragya had to give food to anyone in such a quantity that to satisfy the appetite of that human being.

Pragya did all the remedies for a year , she was cured 90% and the remedy is still going on. But now she could easily cook the food.
Thank you bye , I love you.