Remedy of Force Less Grips And Fingers.

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You are most welcome to our rectification world. The Gateway of rectification world is paranormall When you will enter this gateway you will find uncountable easy solution to your problems. Problem may be of any type, you will get a solution through this gateway. So dear readers hope this post finds you hale and hearty. Be cheerful.

Today I shall be discussing a case with you which came to me about 2 years before. On Tuesday when I was sitting in my worship place, husband and wife came to meet me. Husband’s name was Ajay (changed name)and wife’s name was Sunita (changed name). Ajay was too much talkative while Sunita was very reserve and opposite in nature to Ajay. They had approached me through one of my acquaintance so we spent about 15 minutes in random talks. After that I asked about their problem.

Ajay asked Sunita to tell the problem. Problem was concerned with Sunita. Sunita had tears in her eyes when she was started telling me her problem. She told me that she could not apply much force from her fingers. In other words her grip force was very less. She told me that she had much problem in right hand in comparison to left hand. She neither wring the clothes nor she was able to make dough from the flour. In other words she could not do those work where she had to apply force from her fingers. She told me the left hand is also losing the energy. She started weeping and said that she felt as she had become crippled.
She was unable to lift a small bucket of water. She could neither lift the big bowl filled with milk nor lift the heavy quilt. She give many examples of situations where she felt helpless. It was a new case to me.

I asked about the medical world . She told me that she had been taking medicines for 2 years but then she was fed up. All medical tests had been done but all went in vain as no medicine worked over the problem. I took her hand in my hand. I held her Palm with my thumb and index finger. I meditated over it. On meditation I found that energy was not flowing in the proper way from elbow down to fingers. I mean to say that below elbow the energy was not flowing properly.

I have seen in many cases that when the energy does not flow in proper way in any of our body part, then that body part get some problem. Energy flow was too less in right palm and fingers while it was less in left Palm and fingers. Imagine yourself in this situation, you will yourself feel the depth of pain residing in the problem. So I think you all have understood the problem and this can happen to anybody. But now what was the main thing, the main thing was the remedy. So let us go on the remedy.
After seeing the situation I asked Ajay to write in his diary the list of things which he had to bring. I told him to bring holy water, rose water and kewra water. Along with the waters he had to bring hundred gram of turmeric powder and one gram saffron. Ajay noted all the requirements then I told Ajay to bring Sunita 2 days in a week. Sunita had to come on Tuesday and Saturday. So after noting they left my worship place.

On Tuesday Sunita came with Ajay. I told Sunita that what I would do today, she had to follow the same procedure on those days when she was not coming here. I took all the three waters, hundred gram of turmeric powder, one gram of Kesar or Saffron from Ajay. First I applied holy water from her elbow to the palm till fingers. I slightly massaged the required portion for 5 times and then I did the same by taking kewra water and rose water. Then I mixed some drops of holy water in two pinch of turmeric powder and applied the mixture over her from elbow to all fingers. After that I told her to drink daily a cup of milk by putting two fibres of saffron in it.

Now I will tell you the basic concept about the above procedure. Sea Holy Water provides divine energy to part of body where it is applied. Rose water and kewra water protects the divine energy from escaping. Mixture of holy water and turmeric powder acts as a energy provider as well as energy barrier. This was the basic concept about the external application. Saffron and milk will provide internal energy.Thus, Internal energy provided by Saffron and milk while external energy provided by the waters and turmeric mixture makes the person fit.

In 6 months Sunita could dough the flour as well as wring the clothes easily. Now her grip had got the force so she could do the work easily, very easily. My experience says that sometimes the problem is cured in less than 6 month sometimes it takes more time. But it is sure that the problem will be rectified. Today Sunita has no problem. Ajay and Sunita often come to meet me with their petty problem but not as big as before they faced.
Thank you I love you , bye bye.