Remedy To Tackle And Understand The Body Clock And Body Alarm.

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Hi my dear and beloved readers. Hope this post finds you in great smile, cheering heart and serene head. For you all dear, I share my experience in blog so that you all get benefit if trapped in any circumstance as defined by me in the cases. You should read the post or blog not as ghost story or not as horror story but try to pick something from post. Nearly every post of mine is accompanied with one or other remedial measures. So be attentive when reading the post.

Now today we shall be discussing the body alarm and also body warning alarm. In our body , god has set body clock. This body clock has two features.Two features are body alarm and body warning alarm. In today’s Era I think 1 in 100 people follow the body clock. Before understanding the concept of body clock, let us go on the nature. You see, all places in world when sun starts to spread its redness in morning, the nature awakes . All the birds , animals start moving and go out in search of food while the flowers start to bloom and the trees start their food manufacturing.So in short flora and fauna become active when the sun rises.

As soon as the sun sets, you will notice that birds returns to their nest, wild animal return to their residing place. Blooming flowers low down their head as they seem to rest after the hectic schedule of the day. Again in morning the cycle starts. Now see here ‘The Sun ‘ holds all the activities of nature or in other words Sun sets the clock of nature. In human being also sun sets the body clock. You must have heard the proverb ‘ Early to bed and Early to rise make the person healthy ,wealthy and wise .One more proverb is their ‘health is wealth ‘. These proverbs are totally based on nature cycle which is set by Sun.
To maintain the body clock, it is very important to leave your bed at about 5:10 a. m. 5:10 a.m is a magic number, feel yourself . Walk for at least 45 minutes. Do some yoga for at least 30 minutes. This practice will surely infuse in you abundance of positive energy. It is the result oriented game but it will take time. After six or eight months you will feel the great change in your body. At night finish your dinner by 9:00 p.m and come on your bed by 9:30 p.m.

Now after the body clock we shall go on the body alarm . Our body clock has a significant body alarm which helps us every moment. You should have ears to hear that alarm and understand the reason of alarm. Whenever we eat our food, after sometime we belch and that is a signal to stop eating after having two or three morsels more. If you are doing some physical work, after sometime you will feel that you require five or ten minutes rest, That is a alarm of body clock. Rest and again start the work.

Those who work on computer, their body becomes uneasy after 2 or 3 hours. That is the body alarm which is asking you to break the work, relax your body, relax your eyes and then start your work again. Why after a fever we feel very tired on doing small amount of work. It is so because body alarm tells you to rest as energy level is not much to cope for work. So every activity of our body is concerned with body alarm. The body alarm limits every activity.
You can work as long as you like but put your ears at the voice of body alarm. It will help you at every step. Now, energy level of your body and body alarm have positive correlation. If your energy level will increase then the duration of body alarm will also increase and vice versa. Now energy level totally depends on the maintenance of your body clock. Maintain your body clock, energy level will itself be maintained. When energy level is maintained then body alarm will beep less.
Now we shall move on the body warning alarm. Warning alarm beeps when our body or body parts are at the verge of illness or deterioration. Now any problem concerned with your body will only take place after you have ignored the body warning alarm. ‘ I am feeling heavy’ is a dialogue often you have heard. It is a warning alarm which is telling you to rectify your activities otherwise your belly will come out, weight will increase and you will be in great problem. If you will not bother about your warning alarm, weight will increase and might lift you to the realm of high blood pressure. If you had understood the signal of warning alarm earlier, light damage would have been their ,which could be rectified in few days.

If you are sitting before your computer about 8 to 10 hours. You feel your back aches every day as well as the neck is also having some problem. What is this, it is a warning alarm telling you to relax otherwise you will be trapped by Spondylitis. Watching the mobile for hours , ‘oh my god today I am feeling a bit of pain in my hand muscle’. This is a warning dear, if not understood at correct time will give you muscle pain or some problem related to muscle that will make you bother for many months or years. In other words ignoring the warning alarm makes the life difficult. Ignorance of warning alarm will provide you bucket of pills as a gift from the doctor who will advise you to sleep early and not to take strain.
Dear what I am writing here is my own experience. I request you all to rectify your body clock as soon as possible. One more thing, do some physical work daily for at least half an hour. So I am ending this post here and hope you will follow my advice.. Goodbye, I love you.