Remedy To Tackle The Problem Of spondylitis

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Hello my dear readers, hope this post finds you hale and hearty. Mainly this website or blog ‘paranormall’ is concerned in providing the remedy of the problems either they are super Naturals or mental or physical problems. If you will go to the home page or about page of the blog you will find the answer of starting the website paranormall

You must have seen many people wearing a type of thing around their neck. That is called cervical collar or neck collar. So I am talking about the problem of Spondylitis or stiff neck. Many people or I can say large number of people come to me with this problem and according to my experience in today’s hectic life every second person is facing this type of problem. Today’s hectic life has disturbed the body clock of a person. We are surrounded by many virtual problems but to us they look as they are boon to us.
Now see today the world is going very fast, everybody is running but nobody is caring about their body. I have seen large number of people that instead of sparing the time to analyse their physical and mental health, they are happy in putting the pills inside their throat with a glass of water. ‘ Health is Wealth ‘ proverb is on everybody tongue but it is only a proverb to give advice to others and not applicable on oneself.

We are concerned today how to tackle the problem of Spondylitis in a divine way as well as by following the method of rectifying the Chakra. I have rectified many cases concerned with Spondylitis. Since I have dealt with large number of cases concerned with Spondylitis so I have observed that this problem has many stages. According to my experience I have divided this in five stages. Let us go on studying or understanding the five stages.
(a) Spondylitis stage 1 – This is the initial starting stage. The person feels a minor tension in his or her neck accompanied by the small degree of pain on moving the head to and fro. Generally the person take the painkiller or apply ointment over it and get the relief.
(b) Spondylitis stage 2 – In this stage the person feels that the neck has become too stiff and great pain is felt on moving the head to and fro. The patient wears the cervical collar around his or her neck. He or She consults the doctor and take the medicine.
(c) Spondylitis stage 3 – The person feels the pain at the back of head as well as in neck and when he or she move the head to and fro or up and down, feels that the Earth is moving round and round.
(d) Spondylitis stage 4 – In this stage the person feels the feeling of nausea and great pain on moving the head either in vertical direction or horizontal direction. He or She develops the feeling of falling down due to dizziness. Pain at the back of head is also felt.
(e) Spondylitis stage 5 – In this stage vomiting starts. Whole of the head is filled with pain. The person can’t get up from bed and feeling of dizziness and nausea is at maximum level.After understanding the stages we shall go on the remedy. This remedy which I am telling you here has already cured thousands of peoples coming to me and giving them the permanent relief. Follow the remedy and get away from this problem. I have divided remedy in 4 parts –

(1) Chakra Remedy (2) Physical Remedy. (3) Divine Remedy. (4) Body relaxing Remedy.

Chakra Remedy – We will require Holy water ( if you have not , make it at your home as already told ‘ how to make holy water’in one of my blog) Kewra water , Rose water and 50 grams of powdeed turmeric. Make the patient lie on stomach. Apply all the three waters one by one over the back neck area and then apply the mixture of turmeric powder with holy water at the back of neck. Do the massage at the back of neck for 10 minutes, while massaging you should recite the mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. You have to do this remedy twice a day giving a gap of almost 8 hours.

Physical Remedy – Sit and close your eyes. Recite the mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’ in your mind and after 5 minutes very slowly try to move your head in to and fro motion. Move the head to and fro till that limit where you do not feel the pain. In morning and evening walk for at least half an hour.

Divine Remedy – Apply some holy water over your head and sit in cross legged posture. If you have got any problem in crossed leg posture then sit in any posture, no problem. Now close your eyes recite ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’ in your mind and visualise your God. Do this for 20 minutes. Try not to open the eyes. This process will make your head light and Infuse positive energy in your body.

Body Relaxing Remedy – In this remedy, relax the body for 5 to 10 minutes after sitting constantly before the computer or seeing the mobile for more than 2 hours. If you are doing some heavy physical work then also apply this method. Close your eyes and make your body loose as possible, don’t stir any part of your body for 5 to 10 minutes. You will find that you are totally relaxed.

Apply all the four remedies and you will see it will work wonders. It is not a magic but it will take time but one thing is sure that you will be totally cured. I Bet. Thank you . I love you.×90/120x90PW.png