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Hello dear friends. How are you. I sometime think that why God has made various type of person having different type of nature. Some are very cruel, some are scoundrels, some are extremely honest and so on. Some people are after money, some are after power ,some after lust and so on. The list is unending. I think in every cycle of birth God gives us the task to complete. HE notes our faults and good work and give the next birth accordingly. After many birth cycles when the God see the utmost devotion concerned with HIM then HE would cancel the birth cycle and give the person (soul) some work in HIS realm.

Today we shall discuss a question whether the colour of death is black or not. First of all I will discuss a case with you then we shall go on the conclusion. So let us go to the following case.

I came up with the case about ten years ago where I felt something unusual. During meditation you will feel different type of colours ori- ginating from black colour. What is black colour. It is that colour which absorbs all the colour. ‘Oh’ I forgot about the case. An acquaintance came to me, his name was Deepak. Before ten years I would sit at temple and not in my residence. After that I made my separate worship place at my residence.Deepak’s brother-in-law was admitted in hospital.

When Deepak came to me, he told about his brother in law. I asked the photo of his brother-in-law. He had come with the photo so he took out the photo of his brother in law from his purse and kept the photo in front of me. When I meditated over the photo I could feel nothing. I could feel only darkness. It was the first case of this type so I could not conclude anything. I asked Deepak to bring any cloth used by his brother in law.

After 3 days he came with the cloth of brother in law and kept the cloth in front of me. I again meditated over it, I felt nothing but darkness and only darkness. In other words I felt that I was moving in extreme darkness. I told him that no remedies are coming from meditation so I would not be able to help him. He folded hands in respect and left the temple.
He came to me after 14 days. He told me that his brother in law expired the day when he went after meeting me. That was my first experience. In that experience I concluded that there was some connection between death and blackness. After that many cases came to me where I could feel nothing but blackness and then the bad news of ending of life.

Generally the meditation judges the aura which comes out from the used cloth of the person. It means that the chakras having VIBGYOR colour, all combine to form soul and what is left in the body devoid of soul, it is the black colour. Dear this is my experience which I am sharing with you.

So we can say that when soul leaves the body, nothing is left in the body therefore black colour comes in meditation.
So conclusion is that when the person dies , soul comes out, useless tbody is termed as dead body and the phenomenon is termed as death which is black in colour.So death is true black and what is life. Life means the soul entering the new home (body) , dispersing into 7 colours VIBGYOR Chakras.
Thank you dear I love you.