Remedy Of Negative Energy But Not Ghost, Giving Way To Instant Depression.

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I love you dear readers. I am here with you and I pray god that you should be hale and hearty, devoid of problems either physically or mentally. You know my purpose of starting blog ‘paranormall’ is only that I can help you through the cases which I have dealt with and you should be aware of the remedy or remedies I have done in the cases.

Today we shall be discussing the case which took place at my home only. Here I will tell you that if somebody or you yourself get trapped in the same problem can do the same remedy but you should have faith in God . I am not saying that medical studies are impotent but what I am writing is my own experience. According to my experience if one has to get away from the instant depression, one has to develop faith in God and do the following remedy that I am telling you further in the case.
So let us move on the following case. My niece name is Divya (changed name). She is the student of class 11th. So last year when she was in class 10th she faced a problem which was very normal to the family members but to me it was a big problem leading to Great Depression.

This instance took place in winter when she was appearing for a home examination. She had to appear in chemistry examination. When I went inside my house after meeting somebody at my worship place, I saw something different. What I saw that Divya was sitting over a chair and she was weeping profusely. First of all I did not understand anything, I thought that she might have got hurt physically somewhere. So I took a cup of tea and took my seat four a five metre from her. Her father (my elder brother) and her mother were sitting beside her. My mother (grandma of Divya) was also taking active part in rectifying the problem.I knew after 10 minutes the great problem hovering over my niece . I could see the reaction of father and mother of Divya. Sometimes they were consoling her, sometimes they were shouting at her but all was going in vain as Divya acted as she was deaf and insisted on not sitting in the chemistry examination next day. Aggression and love in equal quantity was also poured over Divya by my mother and younger sister. But, but, but Divya could hear no-one, she would weep and weep and weep.

I instantly knew that the case was concerned with instant depression but I did not say anything. I thought to see the reaction of Divya after half an hour as sometimes the children react in this way. I got up after having a cup of tea and proceeded towards my worship place. Some Puja was left so I closed my eyes and started doing my Puja at my worship place.
As I was busy in doing Puja at my worship place with closed eyes, I could feel somebody entering my place of worship. When I opened my eyes I found my niece standing with a sad smile, her eyes being swollen with constant weeping and rubbing. I asked her to sit in front of me. I have seen that in many cases or in other words in this type of cases generally the Chakra 1 and 2 of head ( I have written a blog kindly go through it) get disturbed. I checked her head Chakra, I found them disturbed. I could also feel some negative energy acting over her which caused some feeling of heart sinking.

Dear every negative energy is not a ghost. See all the ghosts have a very negative aura around them. If you pass that aura of ghost , then feeling of depression and heart sinking will surely generate in you. This was confirmed as Divya told that her two friends Kriti and pari were acting in the same way at their respective homes. Now as far as concerned for negative aura, some people also possess very negative aura. If you sit beside these people you will feel to run away from them as you are having positive aura . Now if the person having negative aura interact with other person having the same type of aura both will be happy with each other. That is why it is said that if you want to judge people see his friends.

Now it was the time of rectification. First of all I told Divya to stand in front of God statue. Burn a piece of Camphor in clay lamp. Rotate the burning camphor around her head 11 times clockwise by holding the clay lamp carefully. After that put the clay lamp with burning Camphor before the God statue. As far as concerned for rotating the camphor one can do or it can be done by other person over you. You know dear camphor is the very important tool in fighting against the negative energies. Second thing I told her to apply Hanuman Ji Vermilion in her navel, middle of forehead and centre of chest. Now see if you do not get the vermilion , mix a spoon of powder turmeric in chuna (lime) along with small quantity of water. Quantity of lime will be your one pinch. Put the mixture in front of your God. Close your eyes ask God for help then apply it as told above. I also asked Divya to circumambulate the God statue.

The above process, Divya had to do 3 times in the interval of half an hour. She came to me with smiling face after 2 hours, I could see the glow of her face brightened. It meant that problem had been solved. My younger sister also told the same process to her friends. They were also rectified. You know dear, God is great. If the rectification had not been like that one would have gone to doctor and might return with bundle of pills at his or her side.
Divya had the feeling when negative energy powered over her that she could not complete her chemistry course and would not be able to pass. So she had the feeling of dropping the examination. After she was rectified , full confidence came into and she passed her examination securing 80% marks in chemistry. Thank you dear. I love u, Bye.