A Visit To Ghost Fair And The Remedy As Told By My Beloved Grandma.

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Hello dear readers how are you. You are my everlasting friends who accompany me for 24 hours. So I wish you again Good morning, Good afternoon , Good evening and Goodnight. So before starting the real story concerned with paranormal world, my greetings to elders and love to younger ones.
Today I shall be sharing with you an unusual real interesting instance which had been told by my grandma. Grandma told us this instance about 15 years ago when she was about 95 years old. The particular event happened with the maternal uncle of my grandma. Since my grandma was 95 years old in 2005 and she had told that the particular activity took place when she was 10 years old.

According to my grandmother, event took place around 1920 aur 1921 in summer season. At that time landlordism prevailed in our country. Her maternal uncle was an accountant under a landlord. Landlord would send him to other villages for work and the main work was concerned with the revenue. Her maternal uncle had been given a horse and a servant who accompanied him during their visit when going from one village to another village.
Now instead of saying maternal uncle many time let us say that his name was Shyam. In 1920 on 1921 population was not much. Open land was in ample quantity. According to my grandma one day Shyam got a call from landlord that he had to go to other village for the revenue collection. There was a function at Shyams house next day ,he thought to move to village at late night so that he could come back by 2p.m next day.So at about 10 p.m they planned to go to the next village. The village was 25 kilometres away and in those days concept of metalled road was not a usual phenomenon. In short we can say that they had to move on the way which had dust and soil on the whole way. They means Shyam, his servant Manglu and the horse. Manglu carried a lantern and a gun with him. Both of them mounted on a horse and gradually moved to their destination.

In those days 25 kilometre was a handsome distance to move. Normal person could either move by his own leg or by a horse. Horse was a luxury at that time. So generally it took 7 to 8 hours for a person at night to move about 25 kilometres. Shyam expected that he would reach his destination at about 5 a.m or 6 a.m in morning . Since the population was scanty so in night one could hardly meet a person after 10 p.m on the way.
Shyam and Manglu had travelled about 10 or 12 kilometre, at that time it was approximately 1:30 a. m or near by 2:00 a.m, they saw great lights coming from open ground. They could see the light from the distance of half kilometre. Shyam thought that some function might be going there and since they had to pass from that place or ground they moved towards it.

When they reached the place, they found that a huge fair had been organised there. Men , Women, Children were enjoying there. Variety of swings were present there and in the centre many persons were sitting in a row opposite to each other and five or six persons were serving food. The fair was on the way so they started passing the place. They had reached the halfway, some people came towards them, folded their hands in respect and asked to have sweets and food.
In those days new persons were considered as guests sent by god. So nothing was new to Manglu and Shyam. They tied the horse and sat in a row. As they sat in a row Manglu pressed the hand of Shyam. Shyam moved his face towards Manglu. Manglu was about 65 years old and had much experience than Shyam who was only 40 years old. Manglu murmured in Shyam’s ear to notice their voice. When Shyam noticed his hair stood in fear.

They noticed that all persons present in the fair were talking from their nose or nasalized . Everybody had the same voice. Shyam and Manglu understood that they had been trapped in a ghost fair. Manglu had once being trapped by the ghost who talked from their nose. At that time manglu’s father had saved him. Manglu told Shyam not to react or not to move because they would kill them easily . Manglu advised Shyam not to eat anything or drink anything. Both decided that they would put drop every morsel into their dress through their collars but would show the ghosts as they were eating.For half an hour they sat in a row but for them it felt as a year. They also poured the water inside their dress when they were leaving the place. Shyam found the host’s eyes were like stone and when they were leaving, everybody waved hands at them. Both Shyam and Manglu bathed in sweat and they did not go to the village but returned to their home village.

When they were returning, they saw that four or five ghosts were tracking them but they vanished as soon as the time reached 4 a.m. Both reached their home village at about 6 a.m. Both Shyam and Manglu felt unusual bad smell coming from their dress. When they took off their dress they found the flesh and bones of human falling out from their dress. Instead of water ,their bodies and clothes were soaked by blood. They told the story at their home and my grandma, a 10 year old child listened their ghost encounter. She told us that after five or six hours they suffered with high fever. They had been given the different types of remedies but she did not remember as she was a small child. After 10 or 15 days Manglu and Shyam became fit again. My grandmother told us, if they had eaten the food they would have been dead and would have had become a part of them enjoying the ghost fair. God is great Thank you I love you.