Great Punch Of Ghost But Retaliation Was Unexpected(part2)

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How two ghosts came inside my compound. In my house many things concerned with Lord Hanuman are buried. More over I am the staunch devotee of Lord Hanuman. Daily in morning I would bath Lord Hanuman. After that I smear Lord Hanuman with paste of vermilion and Jasmine oil. Then I offer my lord two sweets daily which acts as Prasad also. In my worship place a lamp of mustard oil burns for 24 hours in front of Lord Hanuman and so no ghost can come itself. Now the question arised who brought these two ghost.

I closed my eyes and requested Lord Hanuman to save us and started reciting the mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. This Mantra is very powerful if recited with devotion. After 2 hours when I came out of my worship place, I saw Mohan talking to somebody in some form of tension. Mohan is a sweeper and his family and his brother Sundar’s family lives in one of the quarter given by us.
I asked Mohan in a general way that why he was in tension. He answered that the daughter in law of Sundar was in critical condition. I thought she might be hospitalized somewhere. But what Mohan told me, my ear stood erect after listening. Mohan told me that the daughter in law of Sundar had been affected by some paranormal thing.

She was laughing hysterically and her vocal cord had converted into men’s vocal cord. According to Mohan, her father had died a day before. When she came from her father’s house to her house in my compound she started behaving like mad and was talking in men’s voice.In men’s voice she told family members of Mohan and Sundar that she was Prem. Prem was the name of her father who died a day before. She asked for water and drank 5 litres of water in one stroke.She ate 25 to 30 chapatis.

After that she became unconscious.Mohan told me that sundar family had taken her to some Muslim tantrik. After hearing all these I went inside my house.
I sat in a chair and started correlating the events which occurred. I was just connecting the issue with one another, suddenly my niece came and sat beside me on other chair. I could see some problem on her face. She told me that she was suffering with stomach ache and some sort of nervousness she was feeling. I asked her to take the medicine. She told me that she already had taken the medicine but no relief she felt. She also told me that stomach ache started after she had drunk water from Earthen pot. In the meantime my mother also came and told the same problem as my niece had.

My mother also told me that she got no relief from medicine. As she was telling, suddenly a word ‘water’ striked my mind. I recalled that in morning I felt dizziness it could have been the outcome of bitter taste of water. Now they were complaining about stomach ache which also might be the outcome of ‘water’. What the hell was happening. I was thinking about the role of water suddenly my mother said that this could be the ruffianism of ghost. She asked me to check the water of earthen pot.

I brought little quantity of water at my place of worship. When I kept it in front of me and meditated over it again I saw two Ghosts running here and there. One ghost was 60 or 70 years old while the other ghost was 4 or 5 years old or we can say a boy ghost. Now I could unfold the mystery.
First thing was that both ghosts came in my compound with the daughter in law of Sundar. When they took daughter in law to Muslim tantrik but these ghosts were trapped due to grace of Hanuman Ji and they started roaming here and there in compound. If the ghost had been with Sundar’s daughter in law they would have left the compound with her. Since they started roaming in compound they were trapped in clutches of Lord Hanuman and they were not getting the way to go out.

As far as concerned for the ‘water’ they infused there negative energy in water as the ghosts were scoundrel, they had the habit of annoying others. As far as I was concerned they were very annoyed with me because they show me doing the worship of Lord Hanuman. They became more annoyed because they were feeling very uncomfortable in positive aura of Lord Hanuman and seeing me doing worship of Lord Hanuman it added clarified butter or ghee in their fire of anger.
They were pure scoundrel so first they made me target but due to my lord they could not create much impact on me. But it was certain that if there had been no grace of lord over me, I would have been surely hospitalized as having serious head injury. Now it was the time of retaliation. They had played their game now it was my turn. I told my mother and niece to take a piece of camphor in small clay bowl, burn the camphor and rotate it around their head in clockwise direction.Then put the burning camphor before statue of Lord Hanuman.

Now see what I did, I burnt 101 earthen lamps of Desi Ghee or clarified butter before statue of Lord Hanuman. Then I put those 101 lamp in every nook and corner of my compound. I sprayed holy water in whole House along with mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. After that I rang the bell all over the house for half an hour. I knew that my retaliation was unexpected to ghosts.
Before doing all these remedy I put a piece of leather at my gate so that ghosh could leave the house through the leather. When I was doing the remedies my son Ram (changed name) came to me and assisted me in retaliation process. He told me that a day before the attack over me, when he was cycling he felt that somebody was pushing his cycle. He told me that he was enjoying the ride as he had not to put any effort through the pedal of cycle. I knew at once that pushing of cycle was being done by the boy ghost.

I stared my son but I told him in a calm voice that if he had told me before nothing would have had happened. He bent his head and knew that he had done the mistake. I patted over his shoulder and continued the retaliation process.
Nothing happened after that.
God is great.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™