Great Punch Of Ghost But Retaliation Was Unexpected(part1)

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Hello friends, hope this article finds you in Pink of health as well as hale and hearty. You all being my best friends so again we move to the unseen world created by God. So before we move Good morning,Good afternoon, Good evening and goodnight. You know my dear readers, you all are like roses in a garden of Universe whose fragrance never ends and permeates whole Garden.

So today I shall be sharing an incident with you, where the master was punched by a ghost very cleverly. yes I am talking of myself. Sometimes you see that we are trapped in such a way that God can help us to come out of the trap. You have seen that we cannot catch the rat by bare hands so we keep our rat trapper by putting a piece of bread in rat trap. Same thing happened with me. If God had not helped me I would have been in very serious condition.

My day starts at 5:15 a.m in morning. I get up, drink a glass of water. After that I give cows their food (mixture of hay and nutritious content) and then I start for a walk. After walking for an hour, I relax for half an hour and then drink 2 glass of water. I move to my worship place at about 7 a.m where I spend almost 3 hours in meditation.

So that day also my routine started at 5:15 a.m. It was the month of June. Where I live, days are too hot and temperature reaches to 45 degree to 50 degree in month of May and June. After completing all my Pooja, I came and sat before dining table to have lunch. My wife had gone to take food from the kitchen and I was sitting at the dining table. Since it was starting of June, temperature was about 40 Degrees, I mean to say it was too hot, my throat became dry due to extreme heat.

I thought to take two sips of water because much water before the meal hampers the appetite. In front of me, a Jug full of water was placed. I Poured very less water into my glass and took glass of water to my lips. As soon as I took the water inside my mouth I felt a taste which was more than bitter. I can’t describe that very very bad taste and it created some type of imbroglio in me . Just at that moment my wife brought the lunch plate.

She had put the lunch plate before me, I felt that my vision was becoming dim,I panicked and tried to stand on my foot because at that moment I was unable to understand anything. What happened after that I did not know but I remember that my head banged over the floor and then I came in my senses. All the family members ran towards me. I saw that my wife was holding me. I stood up and told them that I was alright. All of them told me to lie on a cot which was lying beside. I was feeling alright as before so I asked my wife to have lunch.

When I asked for lunch she saw my face as I was mad. I could not understand why she reacted like that. However we had lunch together and then went in room to rest for a while. Why wife in room told me that when she was putting lunch plate on table she saw that I had stood up and my eyes were moving round and round and then I had fallen. She told me that one thing was very strange that after dizziness a person could not eat a single bite for 5 to 10 minutes. It was a big question. I said that after I stood up ,I did not feel anything bad and everything was normal in me.
That was the first time in my life l encountered dizziness. I never ever suffered with a slight headache before that. Sometimes a person Sixth Sense works and it was turn of my wife. She asked me to check the whole matter at my worship place. One thing I had in my mind, the very very bitter taste of water.

Before that at the place of incidence I told my family members about the bitterness of water. My mother told that how it could be as they had used the same water before 10 minutes. When this incident happened my mother tasted the water when I told them that after drinking water I feel but the taste was normal. Everybody in family adviced to me to check the diabetes and to consult a doctor. But in my mind only remains that very very bitter taste of water due to which I fell.I went at 6 p.m to my worship place. Taste of water was set up in my mind, how could I forget that bitter taste. I sat for meditation. I closed my eyes and requested my lord to give me the clue of that super bitter taste of water I had meditated around 20 minutes I feltl that two people were roaming in my compound. I felt that their faces were very different from human being. I thought what the hell was that. It was the clear indication of two ghost roaming in my compound.

I forgot the bitter taste and started thinking about two ghosts roaming in my house. One more thing, I perceived in meditation at around 8 a.m the ghosts passed before my worship place, that time I was meditating for my lord. The knuckle of mystery was getting Tangled.

…………to be continued