Meeting of snake man with my son but infact was Unbelievable good natured snake man.

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Dear readers, I have been spending great time with you. You always accompany me whether it is morning, afternoon , evening or night. All of you are my best friends who accompany me for 24 hours. I thank all of you giving your precious time to me. You must have heard a proverb ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’. You love me so much so this blog is dedicated to all your problems and their remedy. I do not want to see Tears in those Eyes who love me so much.

Today I am sharing with you an incident about a year before. This incident took place with my son whose name is Ram (change name). Since I spend five to six hours in worship place so my son and 8 year old daughter generally spend their time in my worship place. They would do their study there, play there ,fight there in my worship place.
Many people come for remedy at my worship place, so my son and daughter are aware of paranormal activities. They have seen many cases so they are used to such Paranormal Activity. Whenever anybody comes to meet me, I asked them to go out and play. But the atmosphere of my place is full of worship of God all the time, so my son and daughter are devoted to Lord.

That day I was sitting in my worship place and meditating. My son came to me as no one else was present there except me. He often comes to me so I made a gesture about his demand. I thought he was asking for money to have chips or something else. He stood beside me and told me that someone outside the worship place was saying “hello Ram how are you”. So I asked him what was the problem with that hello. Ram saw my face as I was mad. He said that outside no one was there. I could not understand what he was saying. Ram knew what I had in my mind. He said that voice was coming from air.

I felt like I fell from above. But after 9 or 10 seconds I understood the problem. I asked him what more the air was saying. Ram said that the air was saying “go and tell papa about me”. My ear stood erect. I told my son not to answer anything just go and apply Hanuman Ji vermilion in your navel. First thing I thought of safety of my son. Already he was wearing an amulet and Hanuman Ji Vermilion would protect him more.

He went and did the same and went to play.Now it was time to think by me. What message the soul wanted to convey through my son. That was a big question. I was assured about the safety of my son through the amulet and Hanuman Ji vermilion . I wanted to get the answer. After that some people came and I became busy in listening their problem.

I did not tell anything to my wife and other family members. At night I slept after spraying holy water in whole room. My son reported nothing at night. Ram and my daughter woke up in morning and I askef them to have a bath while I polished their school shoes. My wife had gone in kitchen to prepare their tiffin. My son came to me and told that somebody was saying “good morning” in his ears. I looked at my son’s face, he was normal. He had no fear on his face. I did not answer anything and told him to wear the school uniform as he was getting late for school.

In evening that day only, I was in meditation, I felt that somebody came and sat near me. I opened my eyes, I saw Ram sitting there. I asked him, did anything happen again. Ram said that after he came from school, he was watching cartoon network. He was eating chips from a bowll. After finishing chips from bowl he had put the bowl beside him and was busy in TV. He said that he heard “hiss” sound behind him and the bowl which was put beside came tumbling over shoulder and fell in front of him. He said that the sound was same as the snake does.

After listening this, I told him to come to me after half an hour,as some Puja of mine was left. So he got up and went outside. As he went out, he returned with double speed. Ram said that ghost was saying “hello Ram go and tell your father”. I understood that the Paranormal thing wanted to convey some message. Since that soul was unable to convey message to me directly therefore he was taking the help of my son.
I asked my son to sit in front of me. I closed my eyes and started meditating over Ram. After meditation for about 5 minutes, I told him to go and play.

What I saw in meditation was unimaginable for me. I felt in my meditation vision a person whose lower part from abdomen was like a snake. In short I would like to say that he was a snake man. Upper half of him was human while lower half of portion was snake .
One Thing was clear to me that it was not the ghost but the unseen thing created by our God. I went outside my worship place, and stood there where Ram had heard the voice. I stood there and folded my hands in respect and closed my eyes. I felt in a second that my stomach had become empty. How could it be possible when it was full before a second. But I understood the message.

Message was clear that the unseen snake man was hungry and wanted food from my hand. I arranged For a delicious meal. I kept the plate full of delicious item under banana tree , beside the plate I put a glass of water. I folded my hands in respect and asked to have the food. After that I took Lord Hanuman name and went away from the place .
After providing food to snake man, my son Ram did not hear any voice after that . I never told him the cause. So you see that our creator has created how many Worlds we don’t even know. Different type of people move in different world. But one thing I would like to suggest that never be rude to anybody. I never give any food to ghost but this case was different. I never try to know who he was, from where he came.

One thing I forgot to tell you the plate on which I had kept the food was missing from there. When I opened the gate of was my worship place in the morning, I found the plate just on the threshold of my worship place. It was so clean as it was new. Thank you goodbye I love you.