Colour Of Chakras And Their Colourful Significance(part 2)

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In the part 1 we were concerned with the colour of chakra and their significance. We were able to understand the concept of soul and energy division of soul which form the Chakras. So Chakra represents the pool of energy they have. Just like violet has the maximum energy as its frequency is highest compared with other colours. Red being the owner of least energy as the frequency of red is least.
Now I have seen that when any Chakra supplies less energy to the body part its colour changes. I am telling you about a case which came to me 3 years back in 2017. She was a lady aged about 35 years old, lived in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. She came to me with her husband at my worship place. Her husband told me that she would feel great pain in the portion of heart as well as in the left hand. When I checked the heart chakra through meditation I found that the colour of heart had changed to orange colour.

Her husband told me that all the medical test had been done but no heart problem and nothing appeared in the test. I told him that by god grace although the heart Chakra is not supplying full energy yet it had not affected the heart but the muscle portion of the heart and left hand had been affected much. Then I did the remedy, she was totally cured within two months. In many cases I have seen that the colour of Chakra changes and the change is towards red.

Now you must be thinking that how this is possible. Everything is possible dear, do the meditation and make a link to God. meditation is similar to diving in a sea , what you will get depends on your devotion and grace of God. So in short, when the chakra supplies less energy its colour changes.
Many problems in our body sometimes occur which have no solution in medical science. Now see, when we talk of 3rd Chakra which cover the throat area in front portion and neck area in back portion causes Spondylitis. When the chakra 3 starts supplying less energy ,the person feels the pain in neck, shoulders and the back portion of head just above neck of back portion.

Any ache in upper back portion or any problem in heart and beside the heart portion is governed by Chakra number 4 or heart Chakra. Severe pain in waist, when a person is unable to lean downwards ,that is the problem of chakra number 6. Sometimes we find the gap in spinal cord that is also the gift of Chakra number 6. Headache or the problem of head is governed by Chakra number 1 and 2.

Thyroid is also caused by Chakra number 3. So all problems of our body are concerned with Chakra. Medicines help the Chakra to supply more energy but it has limitations. Many problems of our body are not cured by medicine. In this case one should take the help of meditation and yoga. Yoga is very important concept when dealing with Chakra. Yoga has the power of rectifying every disease but it depends upon the power of Master who is dealing with you.
I have read many articles that awakening of Chakra makes person very powerful. What is the use of becoming powerful until you use that power in decreasing someone’s problem. But I warn you don’t do all this until you find a perfect Master for that because it can harm your body if you do without a perfect master. One thing I would like to suggest as my experience says that nothing is better than meditation and yoga. I myself do yoga for an hour and meditation around 4 to 5 hours. I will write the blog soon on meditation as how to do meditation.

One thing I want to tell you dear, meditation makes the Chakra 1 and 2 so powerful that you can see many unseen things. Your intellectual energy will increase, mind will move fast and you will be able to understand many things more than other and numerous other benefits can be availed from meditation . It is upon your devotion, what you extract from the Sea of meditation.

So I have taken meditation in such a form as to help other people having the problem of either occurring in their body or with paranormal world or any problem of Chakra(on remedial bases) or any other problem as discussed in ‘service ‘ section of my website. Helping other is the same as getting the grace of God. This is my fundamental and I always ask God to provide me such power that I can help others in their problem.
Bye bye I love u.Have faith on God.