Devil’s Realm Enjoying Men’s Head and Women for half century.(part 1)

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Dear readers hope you are fine. Good morning, Good afternoon, good evening, good night. Please give a smile. Please please…Thank you for giving a smile my dear. Today we shall be travelling again on a train whose name is paranormal going to a new station whose name is devil’s land.

We always celebrate Hanuman Jayanti which is birthday of Lord Hanuman. We have been celebrating Hanuman Jayanti with pomp and show for 10 years. We install best lightning system in our programme . Lightning system is totally managed by Gore. In fact Gore’s elder brother Arun have been in touch with me since 1996.
So this is the real paranormal incidents concerned with Gore. If we calculate the duration from 1996 to 2020 about 24 years. So for 24 years Gore and his brother Arun are in touch with me.

Now 2 months back Gore dialled me that he wanted to meet me in my worship place. I thought that meeting Gore was ok but why he wanted to meet me in my worship place. I told him to come on coming Saturday at 7 p.m.
Gore came with his sister. I made the gesture to sit in front of me. After 5 minutes of random talks, I asked Gore the intention of coming and meeting me in the worship place. Gore said that he had come to consult some domestic problems.

His elder sister Renuka who came with Gore told me that she had been asking Gore to meet me for 5 months. I knew the hesitant nature of Gore. He had been in touch with me for 24 years but he never discussed me the problem.

However his hesitancy had cost him much.Gore and his sister came on the problem. Gore said that for last 40 or 45 years atmosphere of house as well as health and wealth deteriorated day-by-day. They told the problem one by one, they had bundle of problems. According to them four families were living in a house. They were four brothers and their families living in a house.

Gore and his sister told me that eldest brother died 10 years before. He had left behind his wife and a daughter. His wife felt that somebody sleeps with her. When her daughter reached the age of 20 she also felt the same as her mother felt and after a year or two year problem of a mother reduced but problem of daughter increased. Now when she (daughter ) goes to any Temple she starts talking in men’s voice. Sometimes she would take off all her clothes and would run in whole house. This was the condition of eldest brother family.

Now she went on telling condition of second brother family. Second brother name was Arun. He was suffering with blood cancer and he had a son, well qualified but could not get a stable job. Arun was a technician in railway.
As far as concerned for third brother, he became mad when he reached the age of 55. He would go and sit before any Grave and would talk to graves for hours. He had a daughter and a son. Daughter is suffering from polio and son is government servant.

Now fourth brother is Gore. He is unmarried although he is reaching the age of 40.He was suffering with skin problem and other problems.
Gore sister told about herself. She was married in a well to do family. Her husband was a great drunkard. After drinking he would beat her black and blue. She divorced him and living in the same house with all his brothers.

Gore told about his mother that she was bedridden although she had no big complication. Her body aches too much at night. After every test , reason was unknown.
Gore’s Sister had the same problem as her sister-in-law had. She also feet somebody touches her down the navel. Her appetite had become too low. In 24 hours she would consume two or three chapatis. Her weight had reduced to 40 kg.

Gore spoke again that a year before he suffered with some neuro problem. He was unable to drive two wheelers because he felt that he might fall at any time. Doctors had told Gore to take the medicine for 2 years regularly.

to be continued……