Devil’s Realm Enjoying Men’s Head and Women for half century.(part 2)

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Paranormall solution

So from their problems, I concluded that it was the game of paranormal things. Also he was a lustful devil who went for women body until she was young. As soon as he gets the younger body, starts using that body more. As far as concerned for men, devil act over their head. It acts over their head because head is powerhouse of the body, once your brain get tilted you will become useless.

But one thing was interesting that why devil was not interested in gore’s marriage. From the devil’s point of view, after gore’s marriage he (devil) would enjoy her wife. But this was not the case here. I asked Gore and Renuka that who worshipped God in the house. Renuka pointed his finger towards Gore. Gore said that for the last 15 years he would go to Shiv temple everyday. For me the reason became clear that why devil was against gore’s marriage. Gore would go daily to temple means he gathered positive energy everyday. Positive energy of Gore made the devil uncomfortable and he felt that his powers were reducing. Due to visit to the temple everyday gore was not much affected by devil.

Renuka told that she also did some worship of God but whenever she sits for worship of God, her mind gets diverted and she would stop the worship of God. Renuka told that everybody feels in the house like that. She told the case of Gore also. Although Gore would go to temple daily in routine yet he could not worship at home even for 5 minutes .
One more thing they told that nobody sleeps more than 2 or 3 hours at night. Men in the house would feel in night that somebody was moving in room here and there . While women would feel the ghost touch their body and private parts. So readers you have seen that what a trap devil had created in the following years.
There was no doubt about The Paranormal Activity. I asked them the reason of not rectifying the problem before, as today the problem had become like a mountain.

They told that they had gone to many places. Everybody took money, gave a temporary relief , but not permanent relief. Many paranormalist had given things to wear as well as to bury in the house. For a month or two ghostly activities would stop then again their game was resumed. So in short it was ghost web covering the whole house. They asked for the remedy then.
How could I tell them the remedy without understanding the origin of case.I had to see how powerful the ghost was. So I told them that remedy would be given after understanding the case fully. I took the first step and asked for the dust of the house. I warned them not to discuss anything in there house about visiting here. I made them clear that the dust should be of the same day, the day they visit me.
After three or four days gore and Renuka came again. Along with them Arun also came. When I saw Arun, I did not recognize him at first because that day he was so lean thin that nobody could recognise him at first sight.

After random talks, I asked for the dust. They put the dust in front of me.I meditated over the dust, I found that the dust was too mucky. I called the dust as mucky because it had all the characteristics of being mucky. Now listen what I visioned after seeing the dust. First of all I felt many souls or you can say many ghosts. I visioned the bunch of pubic hair which showed the sexual assault of the women living in home. I could feel the smell of burning flesh and also the sweet smell of mine. I could feel their(ghosts) presence in the dust as their red eyes were staring at me.
What I saw in the meditation, I told them and then interpreted the meditation. I told them that there was not one devil, many devils were present. I made them clear that the ghosts were making sexual relation with each female of a house.

…….to be continued……