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Hello dear readers. I have come here with new remedies. Before going on the topic, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. Greeting to elders and love to young ones. Today I am concerned with the case of hand tremor or shaking of hands.See, what I have rectified I am sharing with you. Main object of sharing with you is to help you or your family members who might be going through the discussed problem.

First of all you should understand that every part of our body has its own energy level. These energy levels of our body are maintained by Chakra or energy points of our body. Not to discuss more about , we shall go on the case that came to me and then we will discuss the remedies done.

Ajay was in touch with me for two or three years. He had a major problem but due to grace of God now he has no problem. One day he came to me and asked for the permission to bring his acqua-intance to me. He told me that the person was in great problem. I asked Ajay to bring that person on Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

On Saturday they came on time. Ajay introduced me to Vinay (changed name). Vinay folded his hands in respect and told me about his whereabouts. He was proprietor of a hospital.His hospital was on the outskirts of the city . He was well to do with money. His younger brother was doctor and younger brother’s wife was also the doctor. Vinay was married and had two sons of age 12 years and 10 years respectively. He was around 45 or 46 years old. After giving introduction he came on his problem.

He told me that in the past 5 months, he was facing the problem of hand tremor. Whenever he holds anything either mobile, cup of tea or anything else,his hands would shake. In the starting problem was not much but as the time was passing , problem was increasing day by day. I asked him the medical reason of this problem. He told me that since he owns the hospital ,he had easy access to many doctors. In the starting when hand tremor started, his younger brother who is a physician, referred him to a Neurologist.

Neurologist told him that tremor was a nervous system disorder which causes shaking. The trembling occurs most often in hands. Vinay was very depressed due to hand tremor. I asked Vinay to sit in front of me. When he sat in front of me, 1 metre away, I meditated over him.
After meditating over him for a minute or two I found that the energy level of the hands was low. But especially the energy level of right was too low. I questioned him whether he used mobile too much, he answered in positive.
Many cases had come to me concerned with the problem in hands. In 95% of cases I had seen that the patient would see the mobile lying down on his back.

They would use the mobile in this position approximately more than 2 hours,So in this case mobile made his right hand energy more low.
I told him the concept of energy level. I told him about the lower energy level of his both hands.
Now then comes the time of remedy. I asked him to bring Holy Water, Rose water, Kewra water and powdered turmeric. I asked him to bring the good quality of rose water and kewra water.
You know dear, when these three waters are applied with Mantra provides energy and turmeric with holy water does not let the energy escape. So in short we can say that turmeric powder acts as a closed system which does not let the energy pass out. So I called Vinay on Tuesday.

He came on Tuesday with all the things.I asked Vinay to sit near me and bare his hands. I applied Holy Water followed by rose water and kewra water. I recited the mantra and applied all the waters one by one over both hands. I applied the three waters 51 times starting from upper portion of hand to lower portion of his hand,on both hands . After this I put the layer of holy water and turmeric powder over his hands. I asked Vinay to tie a piece of camphor at his biceps before sleeping and should burn it in morning.

Therapy continued till 2 months and in two months his tremor ended. He checked the reaction of remedy by stopping the medicine. He was alright without medicine. I told him to do the remedy himself for next 8 months and told him that he will be fully cured.
Now I tell you how to do remedy yourself. First of all I am writing here a Mantra ‘Om Shri hanumate Namah’. Read this mantra for 200000 Times. You can complete the task in as many days you want.

Apply over your hand if you have got the problem and you can also apply on the other person hands also. Do it regularly for 3 months as according to the procedure given above in case of Vinay . One more thing, while applying all the waters and turmeric continue reciting the mantra while applying. Before doing the remedy you should have a strong faith in God. May god bless you. Thank you