Cancer And The Spritual Food Therapy But Great Remedial GOD Fruits.(part 2)

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Fifrh remedy– Bring two apples or any two fruit. If Apples are available, please use the Apple. First day of fifth remedy– Bring two apples and keep it before God or at the place of worship. Apple should be kept at least 10 hours before using them. Consume one apple in morning and one apple in evening before 5 p.m .
Second day of fifth remedy– Now put four Apple before God at least 10 hours before. Consume two apple in morning and two apple in evening before 5 p.m.

Third day of fifth remedy– Bring four apple and two some other fruit. Put them before god as done before. Consume two apple and a fruit in morning and consume two apple and the fruit in evening before 5 p.m.
4th day of fifth remedy– Bring 4 apple and 4 other fruit. Put it at your worship place. Eat two apple and two fruit in morning and two apple and two fruit in evening before 5 p.m. Now continue this 4 apple and 4 fruit forever.
Sixth remedy -At night, take a piece of camphor. Now touch the piece of camphor with the God feet or with your holy book . Now Burn the camphor and rotate it over the patients head clockwise 11 times and put the burning camphor before God.

Seventh remedy– Anyone should read the holy book in patients room between 12 a.m to 1 p.m for half an hour. In evening read the holy book between 10:00 p.m to 11 p.m.for half an hour. It would be better if the patient read the holy book himself or herself. I would like to prefer Hanuman Chalisa for everyone .If you are reading hanuman chalisa, you can read it at least 51 times daily in 24 hours. Hanuman Chalisa is a great energy booster.
So Kushal noted down all the remedy. I asked him to come after a month.

When Kushal came after a month he was very happy. He had done all the remedies on time. He told me that his father was feeling very positive. New type of positive feeling had been generated inside his father and he had become very active.A month before kushal’s father felt that life was empty. To him all life colours had faded away.
15 days after the start of remedy Kushal’s father felt a new life. He had lost the charm of life but after the remedy, the charm of life by the grace of God again awakened in him. He started going for walking.
8 to 10 units of blood were required for him before the remedy every month. After 6 month it reduced to a bottle of blood in a month or two. Kaushal father became absorbed in God when he felt the effect of powerful remedies concerned with God. He even brought a two and a half feet stone statue of Lord Hanuman and started applying the paste of vermilion and Jasmine oil over the Statue of Lord Hanuman everyday.

He would even read Hanuman Chalisa daily 101 times .In the morning he would give bath to Hanuman Ji daily without failing. So you can see yourself that first Kushal’s father was waiting for death but as soon as God’s energy went into him in the form of remedies, he forgot everything and started living his life like a normal person fully absorbed in God. So please have faith in God.
As far as concerned for the doctors, Kaushal told me that doctors were saying that the medicine was working in a very powerful way.
So one more thing, when you take the remedy of God, medicine also work powerfully on you .So in short god is great and have faith on God.
Kushal’s father lived for three years more, but was active and lived like a normal person until he died.
GOD is Great.