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Hello dear, how are you. Hope you must be taking advantage of remedies written by me. This blog paranormal rectify any type of problem either of this world or of other world. So let us go on the journey of next Real incident. You will understand here that how nature of person changes when a negative thing gets away from somebody.

One day I got a call from my acquaintance that their relative were in some problem and would like to consult me. He requested me to meet them before 6 p.m as they were ladies who were coming to meet me. They had to go about 10 kilometres from my residence and it was the month of December. Since the problem was genuine I asked them to meet me at 5 p.m sharp. They came on time. Two ladies came inside my temple. They were mother and daughter ,aged 54 years and 24 years respectively. Their names were sushila and Soumya (changed name) respectively. I made a gesture to sit in front of me. When they sat I asked them about their problem. Sushila told me that their problem was connected to her husband. She said that her husband’s anger was furious and Deadly and that he could throw anything or break anything, in other words he becomes blind in anger. She told me that he would give the money on time for household expenses and also care for their needs. But the main problem was his anger. When she told me the problem of anger, I asked them to bring hundred gram of sugar and hundred gram of powdered turmeric.

The shop was nearby, her daughter went and bought the required thing. I blew those things with Mantra and told them to use the given things by mixing it in the household things. They went but after 4 days they came again. They were very scared. They told me that Prabhakar(husband’s name) had become more wild after using sugar and turmeric. He had given sushila a good beating . Sushila started crying after telling the pathetic incidence.

I asked to wipe off her tears. Her daughter soumya told me that his father was a manager in a reputed government Bank. In bank also, people did not respect him due to his aggressive nature. I told them a remedy. I told them to take two dry red chilli, 2 pinch of yellow mustard seeds and five cloves. She had to put all things in a packet and then rotate the packet around Prabhakar head 11 times when he sleeps.
She did the remedy with very difficulty as he didn’t sleep soundly. She came again after 4 days and told me that a slight improvement was seen. That day she asked her daughter to go out. When Soumya went outside ,she told me that prabhakar was not fit mentally as well as physically. She told me that Prabhakar had not made relation with her for 10 years. He had erection problem but the main problem generated in these years was that he behaved like an animal when making physical relation with her. She was happy as he did not come near to her then.

She told me that he would throw the Statue of God and things concerned with worship. He would beat Sushila black and blue.He would abuse her badly. All action started after the marriage but after their daughters were born he became mild. She told me that soumya and her elder sister Sakshi did not know about these things. Sakshi was married in Delhi.When she told me all things, I got the smell of some paranormal activities. Showing anger over God is only done by negative energy.I asked Sushila to bring a used cloth of prabhakar as I knew that calling Prabhakar was useless.

She brought the shirt. I meditated over the shirt for two or three minutes. I felt a very dirty smell from the shirt which means some negative energy was there. Sushila told me that his nature was too rude from the starting after their marriage. I told sushila to write four remedies.
First remedy- To every household water,mix holy Water 3 to 10 drops. In tea as well as in vegetable curry she had to add two or three drops of holy water.
Second remedy-I advised her to put 11 cloves daily at the foot of the god or over the holy book at 10 p.m. After he sleeps, 11 cloves had to be rotated around his head clockwise for 11 time. Then burn all the 11 cloves either inside or outside the house.
Third remedy- I told them that when Prabhakar sleeps, apply a drop of Hanuman Ji vermilion over any open skin part of Prabhakar.
Fourth Remedy- I asked them to take a small metal God statue. In the morning when milk comes ,dip the whole statue of God into the milk and then wash it in with holy water in the same milk utensil. Now use the milk as you like.
She wrote the remedies in her diary. I told her to come after a month . After 28 days her phone came. She was on phone and told me that prabhakar wanted to meet me. My mind filled with anger on Sushila that why she told the remedy to Prabhakar.

However Sushila and Prabhakar came. Sushila and Prabhakar sat in front of me. Sushila told me in front of Prabhakar that after 28 days of remedies, Prabhakar nature took a great turn. He slept with Sushila after a gap of ten or fifteen years and whole night he talked very lovingly. Prabhakar touched my feet and told me that he was very feeling very light as some great weight had gone from his Shoulders. He was feeling very weak.

I gave Prabhakar an amulet and advised him to read Hanuman Chalisa 51 times daily. I tell you dear reader. That was the day and today he has become the staunch worshipper of Hanuman Ji. He often comes to meet me. He married her younger daughter in Delhi. Now husband and wife are living happily. Physical problem also disappeared and both are enjoying the life which they had not enjoyed for ten or fifteen years back. One thing I would like to say sometimes what we see is not a truth. God is great, have faith on God.