Cancer And The Spritual Food Therapy But Great Remedial GOD Fruits.(part 1)

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Dear Readers today we will discuss some more remedies. But before this Good morning,Good afternoon, Good evening and Goodnight. One more experience I am sharing with you,where the cancer patient was supplied with spiritual energy and amazing effects were seen. But before reading, please smile. Smile please. Thanks for smiling. Ok let us start.

4 years ago ,one person came to me, at my place. He was doing job in High Court.His name was Kushal. His main problem was disease of his father. His father was suffering with cancer. It was last stage of cancer. He told me that his father was in too much distress. Condition of his father was very serious.
I asked him the photo of his father. He had brought the photo and also the dust of his house. Somebody had told him to take the dust and photo when he would go to meet me. He kept the photo in front of me. I meditated over the photo, only darkness came into my vision. This was not a good sign. This happens when a person does not exist in this world.

I did not say anything to Kushal. I saw the dust. After meditating over the dust I found that the colour of the dust had changed to Purple in my vision . This means that expenses will be high and disease will become the part of their house.
I did not tell anything to Kushal about what I had concluded from the things brought by him. I told him to come with the same things again after 10 days. Sometimes I have seen that nothing comes in meditation. It means no solution. But in many cases I have seen that after sometime some solution comes in meditation. Due to all these thinking, I called Kushal after 10 days.

Kushal came to me after 10 days. He kept before me the dust and photo of his father. I meditated over the photo and felt a very dim light originating from the photo. Dust had the same purple colour as felt by me in meditation before. Light emanating from the photo was the sign of positiveness. I told Kushal that money was flowing out from the house i. e. expenses were too much . About the condition of his father, I told him that he would get comfort and would live as a normal person.
I told him that everybody had to go to God one day. But before going to God we should be free from distress. Kushal asked me what to do for his father. I told him to note down the remedy in diary . Kushal took out diary and pen from the satchel.
The energy of his father was too low. I told him that he had to do the remedy on time.

First remedy — I told him to clean the room of his father as clean as possible. I asked him to wipe out the floor of the room with a mixture of normal water and holy water. He had to put three or four drops of holy water in normal water of any quantity.With this mixture he had to wipe out the room.
Second remedy– I told him to wash her clothes, bed sheets daily by adding 2-3 drops of the holy water. Either to mix two or three drops of holy water in washing machine or the same quantity of holy water in a bucket for washing the clothes manually.
Now see both the remedies given above have to erase out the negative energy.

I told him to burn some scented stick in his father’s room. He could spray the scent in the room.
Fourth remedy–I asked Kaushal to bring at least two Roses and put beside the father’s pillow . Third and Fourth remedy bring positive energy. Then I moved over the fruit therapy i. e. Fifth remedy

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