Energy Points or Chakras And Understanding the Concept of Energy Centers(part 2)

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Hello dear readers, good morning, good afternoon, good night. Now today we are on the path of understanding Chakra or energy points (part 2). Now location of Chakra is such that it affects the front portion of body as well as back portion of body in different ways. For example if you can see Chakra no.4 in the figure given above, it can cause the heart problem as well as upper back problem, Upper back problem is common to have but not the heart problem. So the point I want to emphasize that Chakra 4 acts into different ways i. e. common back problem in back portion and uncommon heart problem in front portion .

Same concept applies to all the chakras. All the Chakra act in two different direction except Chakra 1 and Chakra 7. Now for example, Chakra 3 causes thyroid problem in front portion while it can cause Spondylitis in back portion. So Chakras have dual nature. Now according to my experience and meditation I could feel that Chakra is like a small energy ball fitted inside our body. Energy fluid inside the Chakra ball is divided into two parts. One acts in front part and the other acts in the back Part.

Same Chakra some time causes a heart problem but not upper back problem. It is so because the Energy fluid towards front side becomes less causing the heart problem . What I am writing here is totally my experience. I am not writing this blog after reading many articles concerned with the topic.

My therapy is also concerned with energising the Chakras . This concept of energy ball and energy fluid or fuel inside it came into my meditation. I also felt that when I give spiritual energy from front portion it will only affect the energy level of front portion of Chakra and not the energy level of back portion .

This is my experience that I am sharing with you. So my dear, let’s go on the back portions of body affected by Chakras. One thing I want to tell you that chakra 1 and Chakra 7 are not concerned with back portion.
Chakra 2 affecting back portion –. Its location you can easily see in the figure. Its area is up to starting of neck portion. This portion is not very much affected by Chakra1. This portion of Chakra 2 is greatly influenced by Chakra three (back portion ). You can yourself feel that in case of neck stiffness,this head portion also aches .
Chakra 3 affecting back portion– This Chakra effects throat in front portion of body causing the thyroid problem and other problems such as coughing problem . But in a back portion it causes stiffness of neck, in simple words it causes Spondylitis. It covers the area of neck, shoulders and four inch below shoulders. That is why when some body suffers from Spondylitis, he or she feels terrible problem in these portion of Chakra. In some cases of Spondylitis, vomiting also occurs. It is so because now this Chakra affect both portion i. e. front portion of a body as well as back portion of our body.
Chakra 4 affecting back portion– This Chakra covers the upper back portion. So whenever you get the upper back pain, surely your fourth Chakra is disturbed. Chakra covers the front portion I. e. heart and chest while the Chakra covers the back portion I. e. upper back. So if anybody feels or gets back ache, spiritual energy is given at that Chakra but just opposite to heart.

Chakra 5 affecting back portion– This covers the lower back portion. Chakra 4 and Chakra5 cover the whole back. Chakra 4 and Chakra 5 are concerned with the muscle problem of the whole back. You have heard that when somebody gets pain due to Gall bladder stone, his or her back gets jammed. It is so because the front portion of this Chakra influences gall stone and the back portion of this Chakra influences lower back muscle. When both sides of Chakra get disturbed, this situation develops.
Chakra 6 affecting back portion – According to me and my experience this back cover of Chakra 6 is very very important. This is at the end of tailbone or end of spinal cord downwards. This is very important because the waist pain,problem in bending the waist , bone TV in spinal cord, gap in spinal cord are generated by this Chakra. I have dealt with thousands of cases concerned with this Chakra. According to my experience,women get the problem in this Chakra more as compared to men. So any disturbance of this Chakra gives problem in move-ment. Movement is very much influenced by this Chakra . So dear friends,this is the very important concept of Chakra, Hopefully you must have understood the concept. In further blogs the concept will be used for rectification of problem concerned with Chakra.