Energy Points or Chakras With Remedy And Understanding The Concept of Energy Centers(part 1)

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Today we shall be discussing about Chakra or energy point or energy centre in our body. From the above figure you can easily see all the seven Chakras just acting on both sides of the body. I have given them numbers from 1 to 7 and will explain according to the given numbers.
Dear readers, thousands of articles you can see on internet but my main motive of telling the concept of Chakra so as to take you further in the field of rectification of various types of problems in our body concerned with Chakra.
Today I will tell you the concept of chakra and then in further blogs I will make you aware of many things such as rectification energizing ,visualising the colour.
Now one thing I would like to tell you or in simple words rather I warn you never to go for awakening the chakras for achieving the super power. I have seen many cases where the people go for awakening the Chakra, they have met with either a serious physical problem or they have embraced death. I am not disreputing anyone ,but if you have got a good coach then you can try at your own wish.But dear don’t go for power, go for remedies.

I will tell you how to maintain the energy of Chakra as only with the help of spiritual energy. You know if the energy is not maintained in the Chakra then various types of ailments develop in our body. For example I say that if less energy is noted in the Chakra concerned with head then one can suffer with migraine problem ,depression problem etc. Let us go on Chakras. I am defining Chakras in front portion of the body in this part. CHAKRA 1–Now see this Chakra is mainly concerned with problem developing in your head region. It is at that point where the head can be exactly divided into two equal parts. It covers the area of head. All the hair portion of your head is covered by this Chakra. All problem such as headache, depression ,migraine ,half head ache are generated by this Chakra when the energy decreases there .More the energy decrease more you will go near the problem.

CHAKRA 2– This Chakra lies between eyebrow and half inch above the point where line of nose and eyebrows intersect. This Chakra covers the region of forehead as well as Eyes and extends upto ears. This chakra is too much dependent on the Chakra 1. If energy decreases in the above Chakra then it will also affect this Chhatra in negative direction. Mainly this chakra cover the eye-nerve problem and takes active part in migraine, depression etc.
CHAKRA 3 – This Chakra covers throat region . Thyroid problem is the gift of this Chakra. Coughing is the result when energy decreases here due to cold.If energy is balanced here then thyroid problem can be eliminated easily.

CHAKRA 4– You can see in the figure above, you will find that the Chakra lies at the centre beside the heart. This energy point gives negative effects to left and right portion from it . Now what is left and right portion . This means that if the problem develops it will either move to right or move to left of chakra . If the pain develops then either it will move towards left causing heart problem and if it will move toward right causing muscle problem. In a nutshell this Chakra covers whole part of chest.

CHAKRA 5– This Chakra is approximately 4 inches above the navel. It covers stomach and liver parts. When this chakra gets disturbed, the person is devoid of appetite, fatty liver problem are mostly generated. So this Chakra covers stomach part and the portion above kidney.

CHAKRA 6– This chakra lies in pubic region. This covers the kidney area or the portion between the liver and the pubic region. If this Chakra becomes less in energy will affect kidney , stones in gallbladder etc.

CHAKRA 7– This chakra covers the area of uterus in female and scrotum in gents. In short we can say the genitals are covered by this Chakra.

Now see every Chakra has its own colour. I will write a blog over it. But one thing is sure that when the Chakra starts getting disturbed they change their colour . Many things are there to discuss we will discuss in some other block.