Remedy Against Touching a soul But A Worst Terrible Experience

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Hello dear readers, how are you. Today I will share with you an experience which made by blood froze. You know that I am fully devoted to worship of God. I never went for the extra powers but satisfied in myself with what God has given me. This paranormal through which I can share my personal experiences and how I rectified different types of problems . It will help you a lot in dealing similar type of problem if you get trapped .

Rectification of problem is the main part. To tell something is not a big thing but to give the remedy is a very big thing. In my eyes,one who tells only and cannot mend the problem is like ultrasound machine or MRI which only detects the problem. One more thing, medical world has set formulas or medicines which they apply after testing the problem.
Much is beyond the medical world. In the world of paranormal or other world your power of meditation will act like ultrasound machine and your faith in god will be your tool to mend the problem.
You know what I am sharing with you today is the incident which happened in 2013 January when my daughter was 4 months old. Here I will tell you my feeling as well as the proof of existence of ghost.

My house is big where I live. It is an old model bungalow. Today in new types of houses we can observe attached toilet and bathroom for every room or two. These facilities are not available in my house. In my house bathroom and toilet are separated and are at much distance.
From my room the distance of urinal is about 50 to 60 metre where you have to cross the, drawing room, dining room, veranda and courtyard. Then you will reach your required destination. So in the month of January ,you know it is too cold. I think the temperature was 1 Degree or 2 degree.

At about 2 A.M I woke up . I wore my sweater and came out into the drawing room. Atmosphere was chilled. From the drawing room I came into the dining room where I saw my dog snoring and sleeping. When Goldy (name of my dog) heard my foot step opened her half eyes, wagged her tail with half enthusiasm and again slept. I came in the verandah, I did not go straight away into the Courtyard as it was open and too cold there.
So when you enter my verandah you will find a narrow passage, approximately 4 ft width, 14 feet in length, right of the verandah connected with it. We generally use the narrow passage in the time of extreme cold or in rainy season.I opened the door of narrow passage but did not bother to switch on the light because I could see the passage clearly from the reflection of the other lights. I went to the urinal and completed my business.

I came out, my scooter and bike were parked there in the porch. I stood for a moment just beside my bike and I did not know how my right hand moved in such a way as when you go to hold somebody’s waist. Their was no reason of moving my hand like that but as my hand reached half way I could feel a very very soft thing touching my hand. How shall I describe that soft touch. It was super soft and my hand passed through that soft body.
As soon as I felt that soft touch, my blood froze and my hairs stood up. No doubt I felt the soft touch but the feeling it gave was deadly. Generally I deal with all the paranormal things but for a moment I got too scared. My God what a feeling it was. When I felt I knew at once that some paranormal thing was there in existence.

I quietly came into the narrow passage and locked the door which connects the narrow passage with a porch. As soon as I locked the door, I felt that something was moving with me. In a moment I could feel that it was infront of me, moving with me in the same direction. It happened in such a way that for a moment I forgot my mantras.
But it was the grace of God that forgetfulness accompanied me for some seconds. As soon as I started chanting of Mantra, I felt The Paranormal thing moved away from me and moved towards the verandah. When I set my foot in drawing room, I heard the loud cry of my 4 month old daughter as somebody had pinched her. At the same moment the door opened with a bang itself and stillness prevailed in the atmosphere.I rushed into my room ,opened the light and saw my daughter crying. Within few minutes she slept again.

My wife got up. I did not tell her anything at that moment. I Put off the light only the bulb of low intensity was in action. Soon my wife slept again. I Sprinkled holy water in my room and after doing all this I sat on my bed. I started reciting Hanuman Chalisa. I did the same for half an hour, I could feel the peace restoring again and I slept.
Next day I shared the Incident to every house member. Now see dear readers, one thing I concluded that soul or ghost have slight more weight than air. It is so because we can feel the moving air but not the still air.

When I touched the ghost ,the softness was beyond description. But it clearly means that the paranormal thing is made up of special matter which has approximately same weight as air or slightly more.
However this was the very scary experience and I thank god for saving me.