Remedy Against Two Hundred Years Old Lustful And Scoundrel Ghost (part 2)

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Paranormall solution

I told Anita and her husband that small mistake would be fatal to their life. So in morning after bath they had to apply Hanuman Ji vermilion at every Chakra. Then I asked them to bring four bedpost of height 2 feet, length two inches and breadth two inches. You must be thinking what I am upto. It is a great remedy. Smearing all the bedpost with hanuman Ji vermilion, then bedpost had to be buried into the earth at four corners of the house. This creates a Trap for negative energies. But before smearing it with vermilion first wash the bedpost with holy water. After smearing it is kept for 2 days where you worship then it is ready to use.

Anita and her husband did not turn up for 3 days. I was waiting for the bed posts. Phone came from unknown number ,it was Anita. She was speaking from hospital. She told that her husband had been admitted in hospital as his hemoglobin fell down 4 gram per decilitre. She told that this happened due to her husband negligence. He had not applied vermilion for 2 days. I told her to lit a clay lamp full of mustard oil, then rotated it around her husband’s head 11 times clockwise, then put the lamp in a temple or a holy place. This process had to be done 6 times in a day for two days.
However her husband came out of hospital. In four days hemoglobin shooted up to 10 gram per decilitre which dazed every doctor in a hospital.

When they came I reprimanded her husband and warned him not to do the silly mistake again. They gave me 4 bed post along with jasmine oil and a bottle of holy water. I told them to lit clay lamp of mustard oil in every room from 10 p.m such that it did not exstinguish before 5 a.m.
They came after 3 days for bed post.She told me that now she feels that somebody sleeps with her doing obscene acts. She had seen a dream where she saw an old naked ghost whose beard was almost a metre dragging along the ground. He gave the warning to stop the holy activites otherwise the result would be fatal. I told Anita that the old ghost had been making illicit relation with her for many years and now he had come to give open challenge.

I give them the mantra ‘Om Namo bhagwate vasudevay ‘to chant at least twenty one thousand time daily and do the Havan 3 times from 10 p.m to 4 a.m. I gave them other mantras and told them that the duration of havan would be around 45 minutes so they had to divide the time accordingly.
They started the process,her husband took 1month leave from his office. One day when they were doing havan,they saw four ghosts along with old ghost standing in a room. Anita and her husband became too scared. I told them not to stop the process. One day it happened that they could not lit the fire of havan. I told them to chant the given mantra for 101 times and then try to lit the fire. They lit fire after chanting the mantra.

After 21 days some paranormal activities got lessened but after 12 a.m they could see children ghost shouting and playing. Ghost women singing and cooking. Anita saw a dream that old ghost with long beard was lying on a cot. After the dream the obscene acts gradually vanished. It took 2 months approximately that all the Paranormal Activities stopped and Anita slept soundly after a long time of 15 years.

When they came to me I asked them again for the dust and told them to Sprinkle holy water at least 12 times in a day. When they brought the dust, I meditated over it. I felt that the old ghost was on the cot and looked as if he was very ill. I also felt that the other ghosts were outside the house as waiting for someone.
I told this to Anita and her husband. Her husband began to laugh, I felt awkward but I told them to be attentive in this matter. They went but the activities of Anita’s husband was such as I was not speaking truth. I thought him a great fool who could not get a lesson after coming from hospital.

However they continued the Havan and process as told by me at home.
After 6 days Anita came, she was crying as well as laughing. I asked the reason for such behaviour. She told that her husband had been beaten black and blue. I thought some enemy had done this act. But Anita told me that despite of the warning he would come too late. One day when he was coming late at night around 12 a.m, 5 persons of 15 feet encircled him and he felt that he was being beaten badly although they were standing and their faces were invisible.I told Anita that they all were waiting outside the house so be cautious.I told anita to continue the process as I had told.

She and her husband came after 15 days. Now her husband had come in senses . Now it was my time to laugh.When he saw me laughing, he blushed. I told them to beware of the other ghosts and they had to do Pooja for next 3 to 4 years. If they would leave worship they would have to face the consequences.
They never left havan and other activities. I energize their Chakras and with the grace of God they became perfect. But one thing was interesting that all ghost went away but that old ghost I felt was there only but too weak to act.