Remedy Against Two Hundred Years Old Lustful And Scoundrel Ghost(part 1)

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So readers, my friends ,again I wish you very good morning ,good afternoon, good evening,Good night.Let us go on the journey of paranormal real experiences. Today I shall tell you the case where Anita (changed name) had become frustrated due to intake of excess medicine. She had become obsessed due to her deteriorating health that she started getting in depression. Anita was closed acquaintance of my elder sister. So my elder sister told Anita about me and suggested Anita to meet me as soon as possible. So Anita dialled me after getting the mobile number from my sister. I asked her to come in Tuesday evening at about 7 p.m.

She came on time. She sat infront of me about one and half meter away. When she came inside the room where I worship ,a particular type of stillness prevailed in the atmosphere. I asked about her problem. She told me that she had been married in the same city and distance between her in laws house and the mother house was approximately 7 to 8 kilometer away. She had been married for 15 years but had no issue. After the brief introduction she came over the problem. She had many problems I. e. health related problems, mental problem and other unique problem. Now you must be thinking about the unique problem. Unique problem means the problem concerned with other world. She told me that when she lived in her mother’s house would feel much better but when she would go to her inlaws house, her heartbeat increased considerably . Her blood pressure would become too low. She would listen the sound of sound of anklet bells at late night. In the dream she would often see an old man running after her with a stick in his hand. She would sometime see children playing in the terrace.When she would go at terrace nothing was visible.

She told me that after two months of marriage ,she started seeing the paranormal activities. When she told her husband about all these ghostly activities he would laugh at her and commented that activities were not visible to him. She told me one instance that when she was pregnant she saw in dream two hands touching her stomach and pressing the stomach. In morning bleeding started and pregnancy failed. One more thing she told that in these years her appetite had become too low, she could not eat 2 full chapatis in 24 hours.I asked anybody lives in the house other than her. She told that her brother in law and his wife lived with her. They also had no issue and they were also trapped In miscellaneous problems. For me it was clear that the problem was concerned with paranormal forces. She told that before coming to me she had gone to many places. She was wearing many amulet, had buried many things in a house given by the world of Exorcist. After listening the problem, I was going to speak but she spoke again that now somebody murmurs in her ear giving her message that she would be the part of them very soon. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Now how to save her was the main problem. Before that I had to check the dust of the house. I told her to bring the dust of the house swept on the same day. Readers,one thing I would like to say ,dust is very important thing which tells about the negative as well as positive energy. But analysing the dust is not so easy.It has the specific method. I will discuss with you in future .She was telling me a problem but suddenly she screamed so loudly that my blood froze for a second. She said that she had seen two blood red eyes outside the gate and were staring at her. I knew that the case was very serious. So to protect her from death I asked her to apply hanuman Ji vermilion on all the Chakras. So if you have any problem kindly follow this method. One thing I would like to tell you that in this case amulets do not work as their thread would break at their own. She went from my place.

After a Day Anita and her husband came. Anita was very scared as well as very happy. She told me that the day she went to her house, whole night it felt that many people were running here and there. She could feel the negative energy energy beside her. Scary laugh she could hear whole night. She was happy because for the first time her husband believed that there was something from outside world in his house. That day he himself witnessed all the paranormal activities. He heard the ghost laugh for the first time. He became so scared such that he did not go to washroom till morning. She placed the dust before me. I closed my eyes and meditated over the dust . “Oh my God” I cried . I could feel many negative energies. They were in abundance and formed a big group . The ghost and Dayan could not do any harm to Anita and her husband because their chakras were protected by Hanuman Ji vermilion. She asked me a question that why they encountered the ghost storm after meeting me although she had gone to many places but nothing happened. I told her that these negative energies recognise the positive energy and it might be possible that here they could have felt abundance of positive energy as I worship God only and have great faith in God.
…………….to be continued.