Remedy Against Dengue fever or Demon fever So You Please clarify.

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Good morning , Good afternoon , good evening , good night. Thank you for reading the post at any time. You are most welcome on our superfast train of paranormall Let us go on one more journey. Every journey will make you aware of some remedy. So let us start.

This is the real story of my family friend Mr Ratan. Name has been changed. Mr Ratan is a lawyer by profession and a very kind hearted ,benevolent person. This real instance took place about one and half years before. He consults every problem either concerned with domestic or at professional level. On Thursday his phone came and he asked me to spare some time. I was in my temple in meditation so I told him to come after 9:00 p.m. I wanted to complete my puja before his arrival.

He came to meet me at 9:15 p.m. He sat before me .I asked him the problem. He told me that his wife was in continuous fever but fever was not so high ,so he asked me the cause of the fever. I asked the photo of his wife and closed my eyes for meditation. In my meditation their came a viral fever ,so I told him that she was suffering with viral fever and it would take at least 8 to 10 days to get rectified. So after 20 minutes of random talks he went .

Mr Ratan is a very cautious type of personality. He believes both in God and meditation. This is also very good in my point of view as the person gets satisfied .One more quality he has got that he does every remedy in a very correct way as told by me. Moreover he is the staunch follower of God, faith of God is above all for him. Note what I am writing. One must have the above qualities to get full result of remedies.
Since I told him it was a viral infection he got tested the blood of his wife Kanta at pathology lab .His phone came after two days when he got the report of Kanta in his hand. In the report dengue fever was reported. He told me on the phone.Dengue fever is also one of the kind of viral infection or viral fever .Since there is no cure for dengue fever, one has to maintain his or her best routine. Dengue is a game of losing the platelets .So every action should be done to gain the platelets. I asked him to come to me with her wife’s cloth.

He came at 9 p.m .I checked the cloth, nothing bad was felt .I told him to note down the remedies .
First thing I told him to take a piece of camphor.Keep it over a plate. Now lit the camphor. Now rotate it over Kanta’s head 11 times clockwise. Then put the burning camphor in the place where you worship. This remedy had to be done thrice in a day I. e. afternoon ,evening and at night before going to bed .
Second thing I told him to Sprinkle holy water in his whole house at night.
Third remedy I told him to put 20 gram cloves in his worship place. He had to give Kanta 2 cloves at a time ,thrice in a day .But the time interval for chewing the cloves should be at least 3 hours .

Now dear readers, remedies which I have told above helps to maintain the aura and positive vibration will be present in your whole house.When you get ill or you face any Paranormal Activity ,your Energy field I. e. Aura around the body would be badly affected .So to maintain the Aura these remedies have to be done. When you will do these remedies you will find yourself in a positive state. If you are taking medicines then the remedies will help the medicines to have better impact on your body .
So he started doing the remedy .One more thing, I told Kanta to read Durga Chalisa for 25 times in a day. I told you that he was the perfectionist in doing the remedies .He did exactly what he was told .

Medicine and remedies were going simultaneously. After two days platelets started falling as it is the nature of dengue fever. In Dengue Fever, generally the platelets fall for 5 or 7 days then they recover.
One thing I forgot to tell you that the day Ratan came for asking the remedy, when he was leaving the place I got a very bad smell.It happens many time so I did not notice it and again got busy in worship.

Festival of Diwali was approaching, so painting was being done in my temple. Painter had asked me for some more paint.So I went to buy the paint from paint shop. When I was returning from the paint shop suddenly I felt something paranormal happening in Ratan’s house. Ratan’s house was approximately one kilometre or more from the paint shop. I was on my bike. I turned my bike and headed towards the Ratan’s house.
I rang the call bell. Again I felt that some small thing moved. However Ratan’s maid opened the door and made me sit into the drawing room. Ratan came to me. I did not tell him anything. I could see he was so disturbed so it was useless to tell him about such activities of other world. So I dropped two cloves powered by Mantra in his house ,in their ignorance. After having a cup of tea and two or three 3 pieces of cashew nuts I came home.

Ratan came next day to me. He was looking very excited. He told me that yesterday, Kanta felt something like a small cat jumped away from her bed and went out of their room. After 2 hours, her fever became normal. He was very happy. He asked me what it was. I did not tell him anything but said it was the grace of God.
In meditation I saw that small thing was a small demon who came inside Ratan’s house.Ratan and his wife are very fond of drinking coffee late-night. The Demon came with the tyre of their car, as their car went over something powered by black magic.

Today also he is unaware that such a big trouble went over his head. God is great.