The BRUTAL Merciless Ghost and full of lust

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Hello friends how are you. Let us go on the journey of real experiences concerned with paranormal bugs, Aura, chakras and many other undefined things or activities. Today I am discussing with you a Peculiar type of negative energy.

That day was Saturday. Many people had come to meet me. Somebody came with the slip and told me it was urgent. The slip contained their names and address . They had come from Delhi and Purnima( name of lady written in slip) could hardly stand on her feet. Due to the physical problem of Purnima they sent me a slip and requested me to see them.
I understood their problem, after two or three persons I called them in. Three persons came in. With husband and wife one person was local who had come to me many times. They came in, folded their hands to show me the respect. I made the gesture to sit in front of me. The local person introduced them to me. Husband’s name was Lakhan and wife’s name was purnima. I asked them about the problem. Purnima started weeping profusely. Seeing her weeping my mind got disturbed a bit. I requested her not to worry ,solution would be founded ,have faith on God. Her husband told me that they had gone to many places either to doctor or to a person dealing with another world. But no final solution was accomplished.
Till then Poornima had wiped her tears off and she started telling. I asked her to rest the back against the wall and then tell me the problem as I found her too weak.

She told that she had been suffering with many problems for 2 years. After every three or four months she reaches Hospital. Sometime her blood pressure shoots up and sometime the sugar goes too low. In short we can say that some excuse was there to go to the hospital. She had become fed up in these two years. Readers you can also understand that going to hospital three or four times in a year is a great setback for many things such as health, money ,mental health etc.

She told me that whenever any festival approaches, she packs her bag for hospital. In other words we can say that before every festival which she would celebrate before 2 years, now find herself in hospital. According to the doctor she had all the complication whitch fluctuated. Blood pressure, sugar never became stable. Sometime she would get problem in breathing and sometimes she feels pain in whole body.
She could not define more and again tears came into her eyes. I asked her that anything happened when the hospitalization process started. Now her husband started speaking. He told that she would sense a peculiar type of smell in house.It started with the curtains. First she got a smell from curtains and then that smell she would feel in whole house. Purnima could only feel the smell. After 6 month of smell whenever any festival comes the medical problem cropped up and she would find herself in hospital.

She said the smell did not come all time. Sometime say for a month or two it does not come. But when the smell comes she becomes half mad as she neither sleep nor does any work. I asked her about the dream. According to her with dream she had no problem.
You can imagine yourself ,if this problem comes to anyone what would he or she do. If you do not believe in supernatural you would go to the doctor and will listen new names of problem if a doctor is unable to mend the problem. Thousand of test will be conducted over you and you will be given a bundle of Neuro medicines. If you believe paranormal activities you will search the proficient fellow. To search someone will be in both cases but medicine can give you temporary relief ,hidden solution finally lies in inner world.

I asked them to bring, half metre red cloth., hundred gram of rice, 25 gram of powder turmeric, 10 grams of cloves and the Holy thread. They brought all the things in an hour. I Sprinkled Holy Water over it and put all the things in red cloth and tied in a bundle by holy thread. I told them to put the bundle in their worship place. I asked them for the dust of house when they come again from Delhi. They left for Delhi.
After a week they came. She felt a little better that time due to Holy bundle she had kept in her worship place. I asked them for the dust of the house. They put the dust in front of me. I could feel a naked ghost from the dust. A naked ghost is a very dangerous one. He always moves to trap a female whose aura is weak. Naked ghost makes illicit relation to whom they capture. Same case was with Purnima. I asked her husband to go out because I knew that Purnima had not told him the particular problem. When Lakhan went outside, I told her what I saw in the meditation. I give her the symptoms. I told her that she would find scratches in the pubic region as well as she would feel pain in the private part.Answer came in positive.

I understood the case. The naked ghost would make sexual relation to her .At the time of festival when one does specific worship of God so then the ghost would send her hospital. If any person is in hospital house get disturbed and nobody does the specific worship. Since specific worship generates more positive energy so to stop the positive energy, the ghost would send her Hospital at the time of festival. But the mystery of peculiar smell did not unfold.
First thing was to protect Purnima from demon who made sexual relation with her. I gave her some turmeric powder Powered by mantra and told her to apply over whole body with holy water . I asked her to make a semi dilute paste by mixing holy water in powder turmeric. Then apply it over Every part of body before going to bed at night. I asked her to recite Hanuman Chalisa 101 times daily.

Remedies create such a powerful Aura that negative energy (ghost) dare not to come near. I give her an amulet also. I took the holy thread, smeared it with Hanuman Ji Vermilon . Now I divided the thread in many parts and tied it on Purnima both hands, waist and ankles. I asked them to come after a month.
After a month they came. Poornima was very happy. Glow had returned on her face. Now she could sleep well and in between our meeting a festival went by peacefully. But in my mind the problem of smell persisted. What was the origin, how did it come.

She had brought the curtain from which smell would come. I checked the curtains and when meditated over it I got a smell of flesh. I asked them where they would give the Curtain for dry cleaning or washing.. They told the name of the shop. At once an intuition came into my mind that along with curtain some clothes of graveyard had also been washed.
So from the graveyard the Paranormal thing came . I told them that the ghost is away but not gone . I told them to continue the remedy for a year or two. I told them to do Havan on amavasya and puranmashi. They followed the remedial words and nothing happened after that.