BENOVALENT Head chopped ghost But Full of Music Maniac

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Two brothers came to meet me on Tuesday. This incident dates back two years. They came from outside the city. Elder brother name was Harsh and younger brother name was Sparsh. Names have been changed. They had a big flourishing business. They were exporters and were masters of trading business.

They told me that turnover of their business was more than 10 crores. But 2 years before they were cheated by their partner and their business gradually declined.In these two years they had got debt of five crores over their head. I did not bother to ask them the reason about the huge Debt as only rectification I had to see. They also told me that their office had lost its charm and it looks deserted. Two staff were left in comparison to 30 staff. According to them, staff reported that they get some type of scary feeling after 6 p.m. Same feelings were felt by harsh and sparsh when they tried to spend their time in office after 6 p.m.

Mainly The Two Brothers were concerned about the business problem and wanted to be safe from the clutches of creditors . Since they told that two years before their business started declining. At once my intuition went over the Saturn planet. Saturn had changed his house one and half years before. It is the quality of Saturn, when Saturn changes or transits to other house after every two and half years, effect either good or bad are visible before 6 month. Same thing took place with these brothers.
I asked them to sit before me. On doing meditation over them I found that in total three planets were unfavourable to them. Generally I have seen that when three or more than three planets get disturbed, big problems come overhead. Same was the case with Harsh and Sparsh. Three planets were against them, they were Saturn ,Venus and Mars. I told them to note the remedies against the unfavourable effect of these planets.

First of all I told them the remedy against Saturn. For one month they had to donate hundred gram mustard oil ,2 chapati accompanied with two black sesame laddu (laddu is a spherical sweet originating from Indian subcontinent). One month means that daily 30 days they had to do the given task. I also told them that after 30 days they had to do the particular remedy of Saturn on Saturday only. They had to do the given remedy for two and half years as saturn remains in a Rashi or zodiac sign for two and half years. Secondly I told them the remedy of mars. I give them a Mantra’ om Shri hanumate Namah ‘ to be recited 11000 times on Tuesday. It has to be done in 24 hour either in one sitting or in many sittings . I also told them to recite hanuman Chalisa 25 times daily.

Now we shall come over the remedy of Venus. Venus is the planet concerned with poetry , art and luxury. If the Venus is bad it causes sexual problem and if the business is concerned with those products over which Venus rules may spoil. Now the remedy, first of all when Venus is against, never talk rudely to any woman and give them full respect. Secondly what you have to do is to donate Deodorant or perfume to anyone whom you know on Friday . It should be done continuously 11 friday.Thirdly ,bring a new perfume and spray it on Gods feet and do the prayer. In a nutshell we can say that these remedies will make you feel that some positive change has come ,without the positive feeling any remedy is useless.
So they noted down all the remedies . I told them that each of the brother had to do the remedy. I asked them to follow the remedial measure for one month and then come to meet me. One thing I told them that do the remedy with positive frame of mind ,have faith in remedy ,have faith in God. Surely they would feel some positive change.

I told them that after a month I would give them a Mantra concerned with Debt.
After a month they came. They were very satisfied. They did the remedies without break and told me that some ways were opening. I told them to continue the remedy and assured them that all the problem would gradually vanish. They asked the mantra for debt. I gave them the mantra ‘om Namo hanumate aaveshai aaveshai Swaha’. If you are also in debt recite this month for 1001 time daily without break ,surely you will come out of debt. One thing I tell you that remedy as well as Mantra are not magic. They take time but be sure they will definitely work, have faith on God. They noted down the mantra.
Now they came on paranormal problem. They told me that all the staff have left the office and then the office look deserted. One day they were in the office ,they felt something moving but it was invisible. They wanted to sell out the office but nobody comes. I asked them when did they buy the office space. They told me that about ten years back they bought the office. For 8 years nobody felt any problem but after that everything went wrong. The office place have become somewhat haunted.

I asked them to bring the dust of the office and also I told to convey their message to paranormal thing. I asked both brothers to go to office at 9:00 p.m. They would have to say” if we have done any wrong kindly tell me our fault in dream”. I give them amulets to wear and asked them to put Hanuman Ji vermilion on their forehead as well as in their navel before going to office at night. One has to be armed because we do not know how The Paranormal thing would react.
They came after a week.They told me the night on which, they had given message they could hear music in the dream. They told me that the music was same which would play in their office. I asked them to put dust before me. When I meditated over the dust I could feel a man whose head was chopped was folding his hands in the form of prayer. I did not tell them anything but asked them to meet me next day. When they went, I closeed my eyes and prayed to God. I felt that someone was saying not to pull him away from the office but give him music and only music.
Next day they came to me. I asked them when did they stop music in their office. They said 2 years before. I told them the story of the head chopped ghost. I give them the suggestion to again play the music as before in the office. They went and did the same.

After five months they came with the box of sweets. They touched my feet and sat before me. I knew that every problem had been mended. God is great.