HUNGER OF A DEMON and Realm of spirits creating chaos.(part 1).

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Paranormall solution

Today we shall be travelling again on our paranormal real events train. I would suggest all of our readers to travel with me on the train ,as this train will provide you many solutions. Solutions are very simple and they are beyond imagination.

So my dear Readers, about 2 years ago ,husband and wife with their 6 years old son came to me. Husband give me the introduction. His name was Sudhir ,his wife name was Shubhi. All names have been changed. He was a medical representative by profession. Sudheer told me that he was closely related with Ashu .Ashu was our family friend. So after Random talks , he came on his problems. He said that his wife was suffering with mysterious type of problem , in other words we can say that she had mysterious type of disease. He was going to tell me, just then Subhi, her wife, meddled in between.

I asked Shubhi to tell her problem. She told me that she does not feel any hunger for 15 days or 20 days. In these days she does not feel any weakness and works with great strength. After that one day she becomes so much hungry that she has no control over diet. She would eat 40 to 50 chapatis in one meeting accompanied with 1 kg of boiled rice with pulses .
I asked about any after effect of eating so much. She said nothing happens. I asked her whether her stomach gets upset or not after eating too much. She replied in negative. She said that after eating ,she feels heaviness in her stomach but after two days that feeling also ends. I asked how much water she drinks. She said that she has no problem in drinking water, she drinks normal amount of water as everybody drinks. So the conclusion was that, she had problem of overeating, but it happens in a month only and then for another 15 or 20 days she would eat nothing.

New case to me. Peculiar case to me. Unseen case to me, now what should I say I don’t know myself. I asked them about any medical test they conducted. All medical test went in vain ,all reports were normal. They had gone to all pathy sach as allopathy ,homeopathy ,ayurvedic and naturopathy. How to ascertain the origin of problem ,was very difficult to me. No bad dreams were there. She would sleep very well. In a nutshell we can say that problem was not looking paranormal. If the problem was not paranormal then I was dead sure that the problem must be concerned with Chakra.
However I asked them to bring the dust of their house ,Swept on the same day. Origin of problem was a must to determine, without knowing the problem there can be no remedy. They brought the dust. I meditated over the dust, it had full positive energy because by meditation I could feel yellowish light emanating from the dust . Light is an indicator of positive energy. Expectation of paranormal faculties was fading slowly and slowly. So I asked them to bring holy water, rose water, kewra water and powder turmeric. These things are very important to rectify the problem of Chakra. In other words we can say that due to all these things ,positive energy transfer well to the Chakra.

On Tuesday they brought all the things. I asked Shubhi to lay down on her back. Today I will tell you how to transfer the spiritual energy. Before transfering spritual energy, be cautious that you should have read the verse of holy book at least one lakh time. This will make you gain special energy. Do not do without reading the verse because you might feel weak as you might transfer your original energy .

First I applied all types of water as mentioned above over the navel of Shubhi. This is done to eliminate the negative effect over the navel, if it is there. Then I put my ring finger over the navel ,slightly thrusted it and started reciting Mantra in my mind. I did this for 10 minutes.Then I removed ring finger from navel. After that I applied the paste of turmeric powder with Holy Water over the navel. This paste does not allow the positive energy come out from the navel. You know dear , navel is a very important point.
I gave subhi spiritual energy two or three times. Generally the efficacy time of this remedy is four to five days . When she came for the fourth time she complained about acute pain in stomach at night on Saturday and Tuesday. Saturday and Tuesday are those days when I do the remedy. I thought that the pain will subside on its own and could be due to some other reason. But the pain became unbearable after 6 remedy sessions. I could not understand the reason because in thousands of cases I have given the energy without problem. So I stopped the remedy to see the reaction.
She became normal in 3 or 4 days.

Now when they came again, I asked Shubhi to sit in front of me. I checked her Aura by meditation .I found that aura or energy pool was very weak.It was so weak as in the case of a person who is very ill. But in front of me she was sitting all right, smiling as she had no problem. After checking her Aura, I suggested The Spiritual drink for her. This drink makes the person energetic as it wipes out the negative energy ,present inside the body. I asked her to take a teaspoon full of holy water .Now in holy water put two particles of sugar and then put it into your mouth. This is the very powerful remedy, do this 4 or 5 times a day and continue it for a week. So Shubhi wrote it down and went out of my temple after touching my feet. I asked them to come after 10 days. They came after 10 days. Now a new problem cropped up.

To be continued…….